The Importance of Meeting Your Plastic Surgeon Before Making a Decision

The decision to undergo plastic surgery is not one to be taken likely, and the same diligent research should be taken when choosing your plastic surgeon. After all, each plastic surgeon has different certifications, specialties, and personalities that will influence your experience. Therefore, meeting with your plastic surgeon before making a decision is crucial. If you are looking for a world-famous, highly sought after, industry expert, then contact Epione today.
Addressing Concerns
With 17.7 million cosmetic procedures in 2018 alone and state-of-the-art technology readily available, it can initially seem like there is no cause for concern. However, recurring and first-time patients alike often have concerns regarding preparations beforehand, the final result, and the recovery process. When you meet with your plastic surgeon in person, they will be able to address each of these concerns with an answer backed by experience and expertise. They can walk you through the process step-by-step and make recommendations based on your desired outcome. If you don’t meet with them in person before making the decision, you run the risk of not being on the same page with them. This can lead to poor preparation beforehand, undesirable results, and a less than ideal recovery process. Avoid this experience by meeting with your plastic surgeon beforehand. Not only will you be able to convey everything you want clearly and effectively, but it will help ease your anxiety as well. Many people get nervous when having surgery, so this is one way to help you mentally prepare for the procedure.
Bedside Manner Matters
Even though the plastic surgeons you are researching may have the same certificates, it is not likely that they have the same bedside manner. The personality of the surgeon you select is vitally important because you will likely be meeting with them the months leading up to it and years after. For example, if you are deciding to undergo a breast augmentation, then you will likely have an initial consultation and pre-op meeting before your surgery. From there, you will be spending time with them on the day of your surgery (which can be extremely nerve-wracking). They will also be there when you wake up and for all of your post-op appointments. The post-op appointments initially are more frequent, but even after you are healed you will have yearly post-ops as well. Therefore, it is important to pick a plastic surgeon that you trust, like, and connect with in order to have an enjoyable experience. Otherwise, you’ll be dreading every appointment you have regarding your surgery.
Plan For Your Financial Future
It’s no secret that some cosmetic surgeries can be a bit pricey. It’s important to meet with your plastic surgeon before you make your decision to see what type of financing options they have. You want to make sure that your only concern is being ready the day of your surgery, instead of also having a financial burden looming over your head. Meeting with multiple surgeons to find the right fit doesn’t just end on the mental and personality level. You want to find the right financial fit as well. That doesn’t mean finding a doctor that cuts corners but finding one that fits into your budget.
The American Board of Cosmetic Surgery suggests consulting with multiple doctors to make sure that all the boxes are checked. Finding someone you feel comfortable with, who you can open up to, and is within your budget will make the process so much easier. Epione knows what it means to be a top tier cosmetic surgeon, so be sure to book a consultation today!