Hair Loss Treatments: Nothing to Lose But More Hair

Hair loss strikes half of all men before they reach the age of 50 and can make any man have lower self esteem. For this reason hair transplants and other hair loss treatments are among the most popular cosmetic procedures sought by men in the United States. Men seek hair loss treatments whenever they experience hair loss, but with an economic downturn even more men will likely turn to hair loss treatments as they are forced to compete with younger men in the market place.


Hair transplants can be an effective method of hair loss treatment, and if you are considering a hair loss treatment you should speak to a doctor about hair transplants. Modern technology has allowed for advances in hair transplants, one of the newer and most popular hair loss treatment procedures is called a micro-hair transplantation. This procedure is not unlike traditional hair transplants, but doctors make use of individual hair follicles instead of clumps which helps to achieve a more natural effect. This technique is made possible by a process called follicular unit extraction and follicular unit transplantation. A follicular unit is a little group of one to four hair follicles and the oil glands and connecting tissue that help to support them. This process involves obtaining follicular graft units from fuller haired donor areas of the scalp, and then moving it to the area of the scalp requiring treatment.

Depending on the extent of the hair loss treatment being undertaken anesthetic may be either local or general your doctor will know which option is best for you when you undergo a procedure. Hair loss treatments like hair transplants are usually done on an outpatient basis at a doctor’s office or sometimes a hospital. Hair loss treatment procedures like a hair transplant often take several hours to complete. For the most intensive hair loss treatments multiple treatment sessions may be needed over a longer period of time to allow for healing.

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If you do opt for a hair loss treatment like a hair transplant the first step you should take is a consultation with an experienced doctor who has personal experience with hair loss treatments. You should expect that, during this visit, you will need to discuss your expectations of the hair loss treatments as well as your medical history including any previous experience with hair loss treatments, and any other medical conditions that could cause complications. An ideal candidate for a hair loss treatment should have healthy existing hair somewhere on the scalp for grafting purposes.

Preliminary findings have shown that Botox injections into the scalp may effectively delay hair loss and even prevent baldness. Dr. Simon Ourian, Medical Director of Epione, has tested and refined the treatment over a period of three years with volunteer patients. Dr. Ourian is now confident in the effectiveness of the treatment and offering it to his patients.

Before your hair loss treatment your doctor should provide you with a detailed list of pre-operative instructions. This list may require the cessation of use of certain medications and supplements, and will likely involve starting on a course of antibiotics to reduce your risk of infection. Other general instructions will address general lifestyle issues like avoiding the consumption of alcohol for at least a week before a hair transplant as alcohol is a blood thinning agent and can interfere with wound healing including in hair loss treatments.

Hair Loss Treatments

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