Too Large Breasts

Breast Reduction: Methods Of Reducing Your Breast Size

Millions of women naturally are born with breasts of a generous proportion, this is entirely natural and often desirable, however, larger breasts have a tendency to sag more quickly, particularly after a pregnancy and nursing. For this reason breast reduction is a popular cosmetic surgery with thousands of women every year in the United States alone. Sagging breasts can cause women embarrassment and may lower self esteem, but on a much more physical basis large and sagging breasts can result in back pain, and eventually more extreme problems. Fortunately for women interested in a breast reduction, advances in cosmetic medical technology have made breast reduction more possible today than ever before. If you are interested in breast reduction you should be aware that this is a surgical procedure, and though it is performed thousands of times every year without complications, there are potential risks involved.

For this reason you should discuss your goals and the pros and cons of any breast reduction procedure with your doctor carefully before deciding to undergo any treatment. Your doctor will able to answer any questions and concerns you may have and explain how a breast reduction surgery can help alleviate your pain, and help you to either get back the breasts you had before you had children, or help you get the breasts you want now.

Healing after a breast reduction procedure will vary from patient to patient and on the extent of the procedure necessary. However, as a surgical procedure complete healing may take several months to a year. In choosing your cosmetic surgeon for a breast reduction it is important that you research your surgeon so that you know they are well experience and adhere to strict code of ethics in their practice, which should be conducted in a certified operating theater to ensure cleanliness and high standards.

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Seeking out before and after pictures would be a good method to obtain a solid knowledge of the sorts of results you can expect from a breast reduction procedure. You should look for a woman with breasts in a similar condition to your own so that you can get the most realistic idea of how your procedure will turn out. Breast reduction procedures are usually performed under general anesthesia as they involve a fairly substantial surgery that usually means removing a portion of the fat, skin, and flesh of the breast and relocating the nipple and areola to a higher position, creating a natural appearance of a small breast. For some women a liposuction only technique can be used, this is particularly effective in younger women whose breasts have not yet begun to sag, this is a popular method because it results in the smallest scar of any breast reduction procedure and the healing period is shorter than with most other breast reduction techniques. Whatever option for breast reduction you are considering, the most important thing you can do is carefully listen to your doctor regarding care after the procedure, as this will ensure the quickest healing and best result.


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