Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Cosmetic surgery procedures at Epione Beverly Hills.

Watch the dramatic results achieved by two of Dr. Ourian’s patients.

The 60 Minute Facelift at Epione Beverly Hills.

The 60 Minute Facelift (Korean version)

60 Makeover Minuto a Epione Beverly Hills (Spanish version)

Dr. Simon Ourian on the Wellness Hour with Dr. Randy Alvarez

Dr. Simon Ourian, founder of Epione, interviewed on Wellness Hour.

Dr. Simon Ourian on the Wellness Hour hosted by Dr. Bill Dorfman.

Cosmetic Surgery Videos: Your Number One Online Resource

If you are considering a cosmetic surgery to correct any sort of issue, you doubtless have many concerns about what sort of treatment is appropriate for your condition, what kind of risks are associated with that treatment, and more than anything, what sort of result you can expect to see from that treatment. These cosmetic surgery videos are documentaries of real people with real conditions just like yours who have sought the help of a cosmetic surgery. I would recommend you have a look through our gallery and find a few examples of people with a condition similar to your own who have undergone a cosmetic surgery of the sort that you might be considering. This way you will get a realistic idea of the sort of results that can be achieved using a particular cosmetic procedure and be better prepared to speak to a cosmetic doctor regarding your condition. These cosmetic surgery videos are not of actors, these are real people and you will be able to see them before and after they have their procedures, and hear them speak about their experience. There is no better help than witnessing the experience of someone who has undergone the exact procedure you are considering, and with these cosmetic surgery videos you find a wealth of exactly that sort of person.

There is a large amount of information online regarding cosmetic procedures, and much of it can be very helpful, you should make sure that the information you are reading is from a reputable source and is not simply trying to sell you on a particular technique without taking into consideration the actual nature of your condition. One of the most important things you can find online, apart form these cosmetic surgery videos, is information about the various cosmetic surgeons who practice in your area. You see, it is extremely important that you select a cosmetic surgeon based on their experience, qualifications, and professional reputation. The simple truth is usually that, an experienced, reputable surgeon will cost more than an inexperienced one for the basic reason that they are trustworthy and are therefore in higher demand. In these cosmetic surgery videos you will hear these real people discuss the experience they had with their doctor. This is an excellent way to gain some information about a cosmetic surgeon and is a resource that you should use carefully. When you do find a doctor you are interested in working with you should discuss your condition and any other health issues you have fully, that gives them the information necessary to ensure that you are happy with the procedure you do have, just like the people in these cosmetic surgery videos. So have a look at these cosmetic surgery videos, absolutely free of charge to you, and decide for yourself where to go from there.