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Martha Stewart – Botox and Juvéderm

Celebrities are known for their beauty, even into old age. Aside from plastic surgery, most stars follow a particular beauty routine in order to maintain their appearance. For example, Martha Stewart has recently revealed how she has managed to look and feel good, even at age 71.

Begin Early

Getting out of bed early is very important. This gives one time to wash the face properly. Martha Stewart applies a mask over her face, neck, and chest to maintain proper moisture levels.

Scrub The Right Way

It is important to loofah dry skin away from arms, thighs, and feet. Martha Stewart uses special soaps along with cleansing brush to eliminate rough skin.


Getting rid of dead skin cells is essential to a proper beauty regimen.

Moisturize Therapy

Most celebrities take a great number of pictures. To keep skin from appearing red and chapped, it is essential to moisturize. Martha Stewart will often use a facila moisturizer on her body.

Get Rid Of Blemishes

Although Martha Stewart rarely gets pimples, she will squeeze away the problem with no other use of chemicals.

Use Surgery Sparingly

Martha Stewart denies having facial procedures, but admits to Juvéderm injections. She also admits that Botox work well when used sparingly. However, she says that too much of these fillers can make a person appear very unnatural.

Stay Hydrated

It is essential to keep the body well hydrated. Martha Stewart drinks plenty of water along with the juice of one lemon each day. Instead of tap water, she keeps large bottles of water scattered across her properties.

Stay Light On Cosmetics

Instead of covering the face with a lot of cosmetics, Martha Stewart prefers to use little makeup. She only uses a touch of tinted primer and some bronzer. She also only uses liquid foundation when needed and stays away from powders because they can make a person appear older than they actually are.

No Hair Products

Martha Stewart prefers to keep her hair as natural as possible. She uses few products and stays away from strong scents.

Preserve Hands

Hands are the key to retaining youth. Martha Stewart receives a weekly hand massage and practices hand exercises. This keeps them from appearing wrinkled or too thin. It is also important to maintain good body posture as well.

Homemade Products Work Best

Martha Stewart prefers to create her own skin treatments. She mixes sea salt, lemon peel, and sesame oil as a scrub. It is odorless and dries into a powder.

Celebrities often follow special rituals to maintain beauty. The above steps are part of Martha Stewart’s daily routine to look and feel good.

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