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Face Taping – Does it Work?

With all the cosmetic procedures for getting rid of wrinkles, most people don’t think of tape as their first choice. However, facial taping is a technique used by Hollywood actresses to keep their faces tight and wrinkle free. However, the question remains whether tape actually works in the long run?


Frownies are transparent stickers that are available in several sizes and shapes to fit on various areas of the face. Frownies have been around for over a century and can be found in numerous drug stores and online websites. Recently they have been receiving competition from Furlesse, another anti-wrinkle patch. Frownies use the simple concept that adding tape to the skin can make it stay flat, thereby eradicating wrinkles.

Do Patches Work?

Some believe that adding Frownies or Furlesse patches every night can create a positive difference against wrinkles. While sleeping skin gets scrunched and squished, making the wrinkles worse. The patch acts as a retainer, holding the skin in place and preventing it from getting stretched.

What’s the Point of Facial Tape?

Facial tape is marketed to give buyers an instant facelift. Although there are several success stories using tape, studies have shown that this technique does not work for everyone. To wear the tape in public, the user needs to have long hair that can cover the pads that are pulling back the skin. Without long hair, the user will not be able to hide the tape anchor.

What Is the Process for Applying Facial Tape

The face gets cleansed with exfoliating cream to remove dead skin. Facial tape is then applied to stretch the skin, creating a youthful and natural appearance. Using tape, the jawline is pushed up to the cheekbone region and the nose skin is pulled back to the ears. Tape is also used on the eyebrows to make the eye area tighter. Additional tape is used for any remaining lines around the forehead and lips. This process is repeated several times. On the last time, the bandages are soaked to moisten the skin.

Does It Work?

Many spas that use face tape report that their clients see a measurable and visible difference. For users who are not sure of any difference, some spas encourage them to take a before/after picture.

What Type of Facial Problems Can Tape Fix?

Facial tape has been used to treat loose skin hanging from the eyes, sagging jowls, double chins, crows’ feet, and any wrinkles on the face. However, one session usually is not enough to remove visible wrinkles. For people who have serious wrinkles, cosmetics and other anti-aging treatments may be required.

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