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Botox – Can A Pillow Reduce Wrinkles While You Sleep?

Contrary to popular opinion, sleep does not relive wrinkles. In fact, according to a statement released by the American Academy of Dermatology, sometimes sleep even may cause wrinkles. The statement claims that sleep lines formed when one rest his/her head on a pillow at night eventually become permanent imprints on one’s skin surface. The academy further indicates that men and women get sleep wrinkles on different parts of their faces because most women sleep on their side and tend to develop sleep wrinkles on their chins and cheeks, while men, who commonly sleep face down, tend to develop wrinkles on their foreheads.

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Martha Stewart – Botox and Juvéderm

Celebrities are known for their beauty, even into old age. Aside from plastic surgery, most stars follow a particular beauty routine in order to maintain their appearance. For example, Martha Stewart has recently revealed how she has managed to look and feel good, even at age 71.

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What Every Woman Should Know About Female Hair Loss

Hair loss affects both men and women. Women who suffer from hair loss tend to aggravate their condition more than men due to the varying procedures they use to style their hair. Blow dryers, dyes, straighteners, perms, and other methods can result in alopecia (hair loss) of various kinds. Men typically experience male pattern baldness, …

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