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Movie Star Naomi Watts Discussed Plastic Surgery

Though most celebrities adamantly deny that they will ever even consider plastic surgery, award winner Naomi Watts says that plastic surgery is not out of the question. Though Watts says that she needs expression in her face to aptly play the emotional roles that she has lately been filling, plastic surgery is not something that she completely dismisses.

Plastic Surgery

Watts says that though she has not gotten any plastic surgery herself, she does not judge those that do as it is a personal choice and that those that do not opt for fillers and other face freezing procedures tend to inhabit two extremes. She says that in some cases they look freakish and tend to make their faces so immobile that playing roles correctly is not possible while others recover well from these procedures.

Workout Regimen

Watts also says that she does Pilates and yoga to keep her great physique and that even though she is aging, she is doing it gracefully. For many, the signs of a good life are wrinkles and smile lines and Watts feels as if those are some of the things that make it possible for her to play emotional roles and to show that she has lead a rich life. Many of those individuals in Hollywood are so scared of aging that they run to the plastic surgeon the second they see a line, Watts is exactly the opposite. Though she is aging incredibly well and lines do not seem to be an issue with her at all, Watts is willing to admit that she may feel like getting plastic surgery in the future if the situation permits. However, Watts says that her favorite roles are those of women with rich lives, and without lines and wrinkles, this is not possible.


For Watts, the key is aging gracefully and taking the time to enjoy the things that she has lived through. Watts also says that diets are not her thing, that rather than depriving herself of the foods that she loves, she eats in moderation and works to balance her diet while still eating the foods that she loves. Bread and pizza are at the top of the list and though she does not indulge in large amounts of either, she does eat some occasionally. Watts also claims that motherhood and family are two of the things that help to make her feel and look younger. Rather than spending time worrying about not getting enough sleep, Watts spends her time relishing the love and support that she feels from her family.

Juggling Career and Motherhood

Like so many other women, Watts says that motherhood is one of the most fulfilling things she has ever been a part of. Though she does not get as much sleep as those that do not have children, she feels incredibly enriched and fulfilled because she is a mother. Naomi Watts is one of the few actresses in Hollywood that are happy with their lines and with their lives without the aid of plastic surgery and other anti-aging products and procedures.

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