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Women Try to Mimic Kate Middleton’s Nose

Since she came into the spotlight of the British Royal family, Kate Middleton has become one of the biggest fashion icons of our time. Noted for her exceptional taste and penchant for unique hats, Kate has set style standards for women around the world.

Not only has her taste for fashion set standards but her physical appearance has been strived for as well. Many women have sought after Kate’s fresh features through plastic surgery. The public has especially adored her nose and some women now undergo rhinoplasty in an attempt to have a nose like Kate’s.

Emulating Celebrity Beauty

Some women are so enamored by Kate’s look they spent thousands on plastic surgery to emulate it. They take photographs of the Duchess of Cambridge to their plastic surgeon to request a procedure designed to copy the nose.

Millions of American women use surgical cosmetics to enhance their look and often build more self-confidence and attention from the opposite sex. While procedures like rhinoplasty may seem expensive, no one should ever try to cut costs when it comes to permanent physical reconstruction. Only the highest caliber of treatment should be sought.

Rhinoplasty Procedure

The procedure has evolved to become today’s “nose job.” An incision is made in the columnella that separates the opposing chambers of the nose. The surgeon then uses fine, sterile tools to reshape the nose to the specifications the client wants. It is then stitched back together and given time to heal. Bleeding and risk of infection are common after treatment but diligent care is the best way to avoid any complications. Always follow the doctor’s instructions to a letter.

It is important to note that women seeking a nose such as Kate Middleton’s may not be perfectly happy with results. It is serious procedure and ample research and doctor consultation should always precede it in order to ensure that the patient is receiving a nose that fits their face.

Nevertheless, many women have seen great boosts in confidence and personal feelings of attractiveness after a nose job. Some women who find bumps or uneven angles unpleasant can have them smoothed out. Others can see an overall reduction in the size of the features so they are smaller and may be perceived as more attractive.

Risks and Side Effects

The procedure is done on an outpatient basis. Because of medicine administered, patients should always have a ride to and from the clinic. Any medication used after the treatment should be acquired in advance so it is ready immediately during recovery. In addition, it is important that women who smoke do not have cigarettes for two weeks before the procedure. Nicotine can lead to bad reactions with the anesthetic.

Women who seek more subtle changes in their nose may benefit from non-surgical rhinoplasty. This procedure uses injections of filler that can change size and texture of the nose. Women should always consider non-surgical options first and also seek professional opinions regarding their self-perception and how to boost self-confidence.

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