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Ingrown Hair Scar Removal

Ingrown hairs are the result of using most common hair removing methods. As all of us need to get rid of extra hairs from our faces and bodies, we typically either shave or wax them away. As a result, we all experience the ingrown hair problem. The ingrown hairs are basically hairs cut too close to the skin that they fail to regrow in a straight and outward direction. Instead, they curl and grow inwards. This result in bumps in the skin, more often called razor bumps which are actually these are ingrown hair trapped under the skin surface.

This may not sound like much of a problem, but these ingrown hairs, if left untouched, can get infected and cause further skin problems such as pus formation inside the skin. It is better to take care of the problem at the very initial level, i.e. avoiding occurrences of ingrown hair. Newer techniques, such as laser hair removal, are much safer and permanent; therefore leave no chance of ingrown hair. However, if you have ingrown hair, you should get them removed from under your skin before they get infected. Removing these ingrown hairs usually leaves a scar behind, and that scar looks uglier than the body hair causing it. However, there are several ingrown hair scar removal methods to help you get that silky smooth flawless skin back.

You don’t need to worry at all; almost all of the ingrown hair scar removal methods are highly non-invasive. You can choose among dermabrasion, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, filler injections or fat transfer procedures. However, for the best results, consult an experienced physician who will guide you in choosing the right ingrown hair scar removal treatment according to your condition.

In dermabrasion, ingrown hair scar removal is done by scrubbing away the layers of skin thus removing the scar tissues. Sand-like crystals are used as a scrub. The amount of skin removed depends on the condition being treated. This ingrown hair scar removal method is considered safe with only minor and temporary side effects.

Chemical peel is another ingrown scar removal technique which also removes the layers of skin with the scar tissues. But unlike dermabrasion, a peeling agent chemical is used for this purpose. The chemical peel is applied to the skin and it starts to peel of the layer of skin. Although it is a very inexpensive and safe ingrown hair scar removal technique, it has some limitations regarding the pigmentation issues. The peel might not work as efficiently on a darker skin than on a lighter skin.

As laser surpasses older techniques in almost every medical surgery, laser scar removal is also considered the best method to use. Not only does it remove the scar tissue, it also resurfaces the skin which makes it the optimal option for bumpy ingrown hair scar removal. Although, this advanced ingrown hair scar removal technique is more expensive than other methods, the results, however, are better than the rest. The laser is safe and involves a quick recovery time with almost no major complication or side effects.

Whatever technique you are deciding to choose, do not overlook the importance of an expert’s knowledge and understanding in making the right decisions. Also make sure that you choose a qualified and experienced surgeon for your ingrown hair scar removal so to avoid any kind of complications and to ensure the best results.

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