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Small Breast Treatment

One of the most popular small breast treatments is augmentation with or without a breast lift. Augmentation is usually done with a saline or silicone implant. The implant is placed either under the muscle group directly under the breast tissue, or directly under the breast tissue.

Breast augmentation is considered an outpatient procedure typically performed in a surgical center or hospital out patient surgery center, under general anesthesia.

Before any small breast treatment can begin, you will need to have a consultation with a plastic surgeon. This is your opportunity to discuss your optimal breast size. Your surgeon will take measurements and discuss breast size, incision placement, recovery times, and possible risks and complications.

Desired cleavage and profile changes will be discussed at this meeting. The general trend has been to go with smaller, more conservative breast implants. However, the number one reason that augmentation surgeries are redone is the patient is unhappy with the smaller size. So as you discuss with your surgeon your small breast treatment, you really need to have an honest discussion regarding size options.

Breast implants can be filled with saline or silicone. The shell or the outside of both is made of silicone. It is the inside filling that gives the implant its name. Your surgeon will probably have a preference as to which type of implant is to be used in your small breast treatment.

Your surgeon will also discuss the number and size of incisions that will be used. There are several ways to insert the implants and hide the scars. Every incision will cause scarring. The incisions will be placed in inconspicuous areas of the body. Small breast treatments do not necessarily mean breast incisions!

Some surgeons use an under the arm approach to place the implant. Others will make an incision around the nipple. Still others will use an approach known as T.U.B.A., which stands for transumbilical breast augmentation. With this approach to small breast treatment, the incision is made in the belly button. There do seem to be more complications with this approach, but that is really physician dependent. An incision under the breast is also a common approach.

No matter what approach your physician recommends, be sure and ask about the number of procedures the physician has done using that approach. It is also appropriate to ask your surgeon about their complication rate. You will want to go to a plastic surgeon that has a long track record with small breast treatments.

Post operatively you can expect to be sore. You will probably need to wear a special bra to help take the pressure off the incision. It may take a month or more to get completely back to normal after your small breast treatment.

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