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Los Angeles Breast Lift Scar Removal

Breast scars are a normal component of having breast lift surgery. Most of the time, these scars heal well over time. Sometimes, breast scars do not heal as they should. If you live in the Los Angeles area, there are resources available for breast lift scar removal. There are lots of options available.

Sometimes in Los Angeles, breast lift scar removal becomes necessary from capsular contracture of breast implants. The scars associated with breast implantation can also need revision. This could be above and beyond scarring from the actual breast lift surgery.

Breast lift scar removal in Los Angeles can occur via several modalities. All the procedures, though, are done as an outpatient surgery or procedure. Los Angeles breast lift scar removal patients typically do not experience a lot of downtime to get the scar reduced or removed. The current regimen of treatments works well.

Prior to considering breast lift scar removal in the Los Angeles area, you need to have your scars evaluated by a professional. It is very normal for breast lift scars to be very noticeable for several months, following the surgery. You will need the help of a professional to determine is the scarring is actually forming in some sort of abnormal manner. This type of evaluation would normally be done in an office visit, allowing enough time for the scars to heal. It is also advisable to start this process with the person who performed your initial breast lift surgery. This will be the quickest and easiest way to get the process started. In some cases, this type of visit may still be considered part of your post surgical follow-up.

So, what type of breast life scars could be considered abnormal? Keloid style scars are a good example. Keloid scars form from rapidly healing areas of skin. They can often extend beyond the incision site. Raised, red looking, hypertrophic scars are another example of scars that could require someone in Los Angeles to need breast life scar removal. Also, breast tissue can sometimes become hard, do to abnormal healing. Bruising and post surgical infection can also lead to the need for scar tissue removal.
In the Los Angeles area, breast lift scar tissue removal usually starts with a non-invasive style procedure. This could include use of steroid injections, fat transfer Injections, and the use of creams and gels. Silicon sheets are also an effective treatment on breast lift scars. With the invention of laser surgery, scar tissue can also be removed using a method that removes small amounts of the scar at a time. All of these procedures are considered safe, can be quickly performed in an outpatient setting, and generally have few side effects.

In some cases in Los Angeles, the breast life scar removal process will require additional surgery. This treatment plan is usually saved as a last option. You will need to consult with the physician who performed your original breast lift surgery, to see what steps may need to happen to address the problem of abnormal scar tissue.

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