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Flawless Beauty: How to conceal and remove acne and acne scars


Perhaps the fastest way to achieve one’s desired appearance is by masking imperfections with makeup. When chosen and applied properly, skin care and makeup can be your friends in helping you hide acne and acne scars for a confident and radiant look.


What are the necessary steps to prepare your skin before applying makeup to conceal acne and acne scars?

The essential steps to get your skin ready, for makeup involve cleansing to remove impurities

moisturizing to hydrate your skin and using a primer to create a base for flawless makeup application. These steps ensure that your makeup stays in place and looks impeccable all day long.


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Which are the recommended makeup products for those with acne?

For individuals with acne, it is advisable to choose comedogenic and oil-free makeup products that are often labeled as “acne friendly.” Look for options like oil foundations or mineral based makeup as they are less likely to clog pores or worsen acne breakouts.


How should one apply foundation properly for coverage when trying to conceal acne and acne scars?

To achieve coverage while hiding acne and acne scars with foundation use either a sponge or brush to evenly apply the product. Begin from the center of your face. Blend outward ensuring application. Layer more foundation, if necessary, on blemishes or scars before setting everything with powder, for lasting coverage.


How does one permanently remove acne and acne scars?

While the application of makeup provides a quick fix in dealing with acne and acne scars, longer-lasting solutions such as professionally-done treatments is still advisable. At Epione Beverly Hills, Dr. Simon Ourian uses a combination of Coolaser® and Neustem™ injections to assist in the removal of acne and acne scars.


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