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Can you treat scars while you still have acne?


For people the struggle with acne doesn’t end when the pimples disappear; dealing with the lasting reminders in the form of scars can be just as challenging. What if you’re still facing acne? Is it possible to address those scars while also dealing with breakouts? Short answer is yes, it is possible to treat scars while managing acne. However, the approach may differ from treating scars as it usually involves a combination of treatments.

This article provides insights on how to tackle both issues. You’ll find advice and at home remedies that empower you to take control of your skin’s health when faced with ongoing acne.


Why is it important to consider both acne and acne scars?

By addressing both concerns at once you ensure a skincare approach that prevents the worsening of scars and promotes overall skin health.



What are some remedies that can be used at home to manage scars during breakouts?

At home remedies include using sunscreen, skincare products, and topical treatments like vitamin C serums to manage scarring while battling acne are found to be useful.


What professional treatments might dermatologists recommend for treating acne scars alongside breakouts?

Dermatology doctors often recommend procedures like laser therapy, chemical peels, or microneedling to address acne scars. They may also prescribe medications to control acne.


How can individuals find a balance between treating their acne and managing acne scars without overwhelming their skin?

The key lies in maintaining a rounded skincare routine that is tailored to one’s skin type. Seeking guidance from an expert is essential to ensure that the chosen treatments complement each other effectively.

In conclusion, managing both acne and its resulting scars can be attainable with the knowledge, guidance, and determination you can take strides towards achieving a clearer and healthier complexion. Remember that seeking advice from an expert and following a customized skincare routine can truly make a difference in attaining the desired skin goals.

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