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Achieve results and boost your confidence through chin augmentation

Chin augmentation not only provides a long-lasting enhancement to your facial profile but also boosts your confidence. Discover how this procedure can help you achieve the desired look you have always wanted and maintain it for the term.

How does chin augmentation improve one’s profile?

Chin augmentation enhances the profile by adding projection and balance to the chin, resulting in a harmonious and attractive overall facial contour.

What are the different options available for individuals seeking chin augmentation?

There are options for chin augmentation, including procedures like chin implants and genioplasty, as well as non-surgical alternatives such as dermal fillers and fat grafting. At Epione in Beverly Hills, we specifically use only non-surgical, safer approaches.

What factors contribute to the durability of chin augmentation results over time?

Several factors contribute to long-term durability, including techniques, appropriate implant materials, as well as individual factors like bone structure and tissue support.

Are there any risks or potential complications associated with chin augmentation surgery?

Yes, there are risks and complications associated with chin augmentation surgery. These may include infection, scarring, displacement, or changes in sensation in the chin area or lower lip. Dr. Ourian will go over all the details with you.

How do you maintain the results after undergoing chin augmentation? 

Maintaining the results of chin augmentation over time requires some considerations:

1. Follow the operative care instructions provided by your surgeon, which include proper wound care and following activity restrictions during the initial recovery phase.

2. Take precautions to protect your chin from any injuries or trauma that could affect the long-term outcome of the procedure.

3. Strive to maintain a weight as fluctuations in body weight can impact the appearance of your chin and overall facial balance; aim for a consistent weight.

4. Maintain hygiene by taking care of your teeth and gums, as this will contribute to preserving the integrity of your chin and the surrounding tissues.

5. Protect your skin by using sunscreen and practicing sun protection measures to prevent sun damage that could affect your appearance.

6. Attend follow-up appointments with your surgeon to ensure that the implant remains in its position and address any concerns you may have.

These steps should help you maintain results from your chin augmentation over time.

By investing in chin augmentation, you not only achieve results but also experience a significant boost in self-confidence that can endure over time. Start your journey today and schedule an appointment with us: click here and take a step towards becoming the individual you aspire to be.  

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