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Radiesse reviews at RealSelf.com appear to be incredibly balanced. For example, just by going to the main page, a web surfer already gets a good snapshot of the pros and cons of trying Radiesse, which, unlike Restylane or Juvéderm, does not contain hyaluronic acid. The two are basically a class of fillers that help add volume to parts of the face that have been superficially hollowed by age or in some cases, an accident or a congenital deformity. On the other hand, Radiesse is considered a bio-stimulatory filler like Sculptra.

As such, Radiesse adds volume to the hollow areas directly and this, in turn, stimulates even more collagen production, says Dr. Emily Altman, a Short Hills Dermatological Surgeon. Like other fillers, Radiesse works best on the nasolabial folds. For anyone in the preliminary stage of discovering the wonders of modern dermatology, the website is an excellent destination.

Openness is a Virtue

One gets the feeling that cosmetic physicians and plastic surgeons alike are standing by and ready to help. These experts who come from all over the world seem quick to respond to questions posted, as evidenced by their extensive commentaries on reviews submitted. This gives visitors that strong community feeling, which is so important for someone who is researching a subject like Radiesse.

Doctor Ratings Can Be Very Helpful

The high-level of information on the site can make a lasting impression on a new visitor. The Q&A is always around to provide just enough information on the subject. More importantly, the data are presented objectively.

Information is Provided With Warning to Beg to Differ

The bottom line is, Radiesse is not for everybody. The cost can be prohibitive for people who want to look great but also happen to be on a budget. The average cost is $950 for a first-time appointment.

For those who can afford the treatment, however, doing a lot of research prior to embarking on the procedure is the best course of action. People have to bear in mind that the RealSelf site is just for starters. It should never be treated as a definitive source of information on the subject. Footnotes at the bottom of the home page say it succinctly.

Very Useful Overall Satisfaction Rating

Still, this does not detract from the objective quality of personal impressions presented on the website. In the forum, for example, anyone is free to post anything relevant to the subject. One poster even tries to dissuade everybody from trying Radiesse after her tragic experience. The overall rating found on the top left of the home page presents the findings in a nutshell: As of November 17, 2012, 59% of reviewers are in favor of the procedure; the votes have been tallied from 484 reviews.

An Objectivity That Can’t Be Found Anywhere Else

In summary, RealSelf is an incredible source of first-hand information regarding trying out a dermatological procedure known as Radiesse. It will save a lot of time, money and effort to visit the site first, as opposed to going on the phone for a consultation or an actual meeting with a cosmetic physician who is likely to charge for the service. The coverage is deep with many people showing contagious enthusiasm to reveal their personal experience. Still, all these features are just one part of the journey. As always, it makes perfect sense to take in everything with a grain of salt.

Radiesse Reviews

“Dr. Ourian I love you. My face was not bad but by the way you’ve done under my eyes. I have more confidence and my days are getting better and better. Thank you so much.”

— MA

“Dr. Ourian I love you. My face was not bad but by the way you’ve done under my eyes. I have more confidence and my days are getting better and better. Thank you so much.”

— MA

“A lovely facility with caring people. I was made very comfortable and my needs were met with ease.”

— LA

“Your staff Evelyn, is the most helpful, kind and understanding person. She always answers my questions till I’m satisfied. I had a lot of anxiety when I was going thru the coolaser procedure. Her patience + reassurance made my experience much easier. I appreciate her kindness and caring very much. You are lucky to have her. Thank you for asking my input.”

— YL

“Jitka is very professional. Knowledgeable in giving information. She is poised and is friendly with a beautiful smile to put me at ease in the waiting room.”

— JW

“I am pleased with the procedures and environment.”

— MT

“I will continue to recommend.”

— FT

“Dr. Ourian is the best…Thank you.”

— WB

“The staff is extremely efficient and caring. The whole procedure is very professional.”

— S.G

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