Lip Lift 50% Off for treatment model



Offer Terms and Conditions

1. Sponsorship and Eligibility

This offer is sponsored by Epione Medical Corporation, located at 444 N. Camden Dr., Beverly Hills, CA 90210. It is open to prospects and clients who are eighteen (18) years or older at the time of consultation and treatment and are able to visit Epione Medical Corporation for consultation and treatments before March 27, 2024, at their own expense. To claim the 50% off lip lift offer, prospects and clients must undergo an in-person consultation, be recommended for the lip lift procedure by an Epione professional, and be available for the treatment within the specified dates. Prospects and clients deemed candidates for the procedure must consent to have their treatment videos, before-and-after photos, and procedure photos documented and used by Epione Medical Corporation and Dr. Simon Ourian for marketing and other materials.

This offer is not endorsed or sponsored by Meta, Instagram, or Facebook.

2. Offer Period

The offer is valid from 7:00 PM (PST) on February 22, 2024, until 7:00 PM (PST) on March 27, 2024, unless otherwise announced or extended.

3. Claiming Procedures

To express interest in claiming the offer, prospects and clients must submit their full names, email addresses, phone numbers, and Instagram names to Epione Medical Corporation via the promo landing page. Notification of eligibility will be provided through the provided contact information.

4. Disqualification

Epione Medical Corporation reserves the right to disqualify any participant who disagrees with having their photos and videos used as described. Epione staff reserves the right to refuse treatment to prospects and clients who are not deemed candidates for the procedure.

5. Offer Description and Treatment Pricing

Prospects and clients who agree to be treatment models for Epione Medical Corporation / Epione Beverly Hills will receive 50% off the lip lift using both the Coolaser and Neustem procedures. Opting for only one of the aforementioned treatments disqualifies prospects and clients from the offer and discount. The 50% off promo may only be used towards the dual-modality lip lift procedures and is not applicable to any other procedures offered at Epione. The regular price for the dual-modality lip lift procedure is $8,000 ($3,900 for Coolaser and $3,100 for Neustem on the lips). With the 50% off, the pricing for the Coolaser and Neustem treatments for the lips combined reduces to $4,000 for the models. The offer does not waive the in-person consultation fee of $500 nor the virtual consultation fee of $100. Consultation fees are credited towards the cost of procedures. The treatment price, as described above, does not include the cost of after-care products.

6. Notification of Chosen Models

Prospects and clients expressing interest in the offer will be invited to the office at 444 N. Camden Drive, Beverly Hills, 90210, for a consultation via emails, phone calls, SMS, or Instagram direct messages. When circumstances permit, treatments and documentation may be done on the same day.

7. Permissions:

By expressing interest in the offer, prospects and clients agree to allow Epione Beverly Hills to contact them via Instagram Direct Messages, SMS, phone calls, and/or emails. Models may be required to sign and return a release of liability, a declaration of eligibility, and, where lawful, a publicity consent agreement as conditions for availing the offer. Failure to comply with the aforementioned conditions shall be grounds for offer disqualification. By availing of the offer, models/clients give Epione Beverly Hills the right to use before-and-after photos and/or procedure videos for marketing and advertising purposes wherever and whenever the company deems applicable. Winners also give the filming company and companies affiliated with filming and the show the rights to film and show procedure videos and before/after photos/videos wherever and whenever the companies deem applicable.

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