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Broken Capillaries

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Broken Capillaries

Broken Veins: Tired Of Being Red In The Face?

The appearance of red skin or visible veins especially in the face but sometimes elsewhere on the body may be a result of broken veins, particularly capillaries. Broken veins are a common affliction striking more often as a person ages and the tissue making up the walls of capillaries grows thinner making broken veins a more and more frequent occurrence. Usually minor broken veins are not a serious health concern, and would probably be ignored were it not for the unsightly impact they can have on the skin of your face. Broken veins can cause your skin to look unnaturally red, and may on occasion cause actual physical discomfort.

Fortunately there are treatments available for broken veins, and with advances in medical technology many of these options are non-invasive, which greatly reduces the risks associated with treating broken veins compared to the surgical procedures that were historically more common. Advances in laser technology in particular have had a great impact on treatment of broken veins and if you eventually pursue a treatment for broken veins there is a good chance that you will have a laser treatment. If you are curious about laser treatments or alternative treatments you should discuss your options with a doctor so that you get the right treatment for you.

If you are considering treatment for broken veins the first step you should take is to educate yourself. This article should provide you a basic overview but you will want to dig deeper into this subject matter so that you will have a realistic expectation of what treatments for broken veins can accomplish, and so that you will be aware of any potential risks associated with the different sorts of treatments you might pursue. This will prove particularly useful when you speak to an actual doctor so you will know what you should be asking about and will better understand the information he gives you.
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Laser treatments for broken veins are particularly useful because they can generally be employed with patients of any age. There can be complications associated with the use of laser treatments for broken veins so it is important that you inform the doctor you speak to of any and all medical conditions you may have so that they can work with you to guarantee you get a treatment that is appropriate to your condition with the minimum of risk.

Laser treatments will target specifically the broken veins that are causing you issue, with a minimum impact on surrounding tissues, as a result you will generally be able to leave immediately after your treatment which should last between 15 and 45 minutes. It is important you discuss post treatment care with your doctor before the procedure and follow the instructions you receive closely as there are certain activities that can damage your skin if you engage in them too quickly after undergoing a laser treatment for broken veins. Most normal life activities are fine, but it is important you avoid tanning or other activities that can damage skin.

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