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Ageing Skin

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Aging Skin

Aging Skin: How To Age Gracefully

Aging skin is the most obvious and common symptom of growing old. It manifests in a number of different ways, from graying of skin tone, to wrinkles, to sagging skin, and for every symptom of aging skin that are even more causes. If you are looking for a way to slow down the effects of aging skin and restore a more youthful appearance there are a number of steps you can take. Your goal should be an effective comprehensive strategy that combines a variety of treatment options, which can be customized for your needs. This article should give you a brief overview of factors you should pay attention to and options you have available.


ageing-skin The natural skin replenishment process occurs very quickly when we are young. As children we can scrub with almost any cleanser and our skin will bounce back looking fresh and healthy. Skincare grows more complicated as we age, our ability to shed dead skin cells and re-grow new healthy skin cells begins to slow down by puberty and the process only accelerates as we grow older, causing the appearance of aging skin to be exacerbated.

Facial aging skin can be caused by exposure to certain environmental conditions such as the sun, wind, and biological or chemical pollution. Lifestyle choices may also damage the skin. Smoking, an improper diet and insufficient rest or exercise are all detrimental and cause the appearance of aging skin. Genetic causes such as changing hormone levels also result in aging skin. Over years, the combined effects of these factors coupled with the decline in the skin rejuvenation process will usually manifest in the form of wrinkled, discolored, rough-textured, broken-out aging skin.
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Adult acne is another factor contributing to the appearance of aging skin and is a condition most often caused by genetic and hormonal changes. The blemishes that constitute the symptoms of adult acne cause irritation to your skin and have to potential for leaving marks or scars further causing an appearance of aging skin. Contributing factors to adult acne often include side effects from certain medications, and may also be a reaction to cosmetic products with high oil contents, or a result of excessive sweating, stress, pregnancy, or menopause. This myriad of causes means that there are a number of steps you need to take in order to protect your face from the appearance of aging skin that accompanies adult acne. Reducing and managing stress is of primary importance, but you should also make sure that the cosmetic products and medications you are taking are also not exacerbating your aging skin problem.

Apart from external factors aging your skin, weak facial and neck muscles can also contribute to the appearance of aging skin. Facial exercises can actually strengthen the muscles of your face and cause a natural lift as your muscles tighten up your skin.

If you are taking all the preventative measures you can and are still unhappy with the signs of aging on your skin you may opt for one of many cosmetic procedures from injectable fillers to a facelift. You should consult with a doctor about the risks and limitations of any procedure before you undergo one.

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