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Dark Circle Removal
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Remove Dark Circles in Minutes for a Refreshed Look
Regardless of the cause, dark circles can leave us looking tired and fatigued, even though we feel fully vibrant inside. Fortunately, there are options for dark circle removal in Beverly Hills at Epione that do not require a single incision. Our non-surgical cosmetic treatments take minutes but provide results that can last a year or more. Discover a way to remove dark circles without surgery with Dr. Ourian at Epione.

What Is Our Dark Circle Removal Treatment?

Dark circles can form around the eyes for many reasons, including genetics, allergies, or even lack of sleep. At Epione in Beverly Hills, we use advanced laser technology (e.g., Dr. Ourian’s specialty, Coolaser) and injectable fillers to treat dark circles in a non-invasive way with no downtime required.
Our treatments are designed to provide fast and long-lasting results that will make you look fresh and vibrant again. Our lasers target the underlying cause of dark circles, from thinning skin to discoloration, and stimulate collagen production for long-term rejuvenation. With dermal fillers, Dr. Ourian can restore lost volume and promote a balanced appearance under the eyes, resulting in refined under eye bag removal. We can even treat the delicate area near your eyes safely and effectively to reduce puffiness or wrinkles around the eyes.

Overview of Dark Circle Removal at Epione

At Epione, our team of experienced medical professionals will work with you to customize a treatment plan that meets your needs. During the initial consultation, we’ll discuss your goals for dark circle removal and evaluate the area to determine the best course of action. We’ll use advanced laser technology (Coolaser) to target the underlying cause of your dark circles in just a few minutes.
Traditional surgery would require a lower eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) to address under eye bags or dark circles, but we instead focus on non-surgical means. Lower blepharoplasty can require general anesthesia, which places strain on the body, along with other risks and inconveniences. Instead, by using lasers and fillers, we provide patients with same-day results that can last for months and beyond.

Look Vibrant and Alive. Not Fatigued.

Life is too short not to look your best at every moment. With non-surgical dark circle removal, you can look vibrant as ever through convenient and fast treatments with a skilled cosmetic specialist. Discover a path toward a brightened aesthetic with a quick treatment, little to no recovery, and the aesthetic touch of a renowned physician.

Benefits of Dark Circle Treatment

  • Little to no recovery time
  • Results that can last for years
  • Fast treatment (often under half an hour)
  • Options include Coolaser, Fillers, or both for maximum effect
  • Avoid the risks of surgery and anesthesia
  • Look younger, feel brighter

Non-Surgical versus Surgical Dark Circles Removal

While many places provide surgery to remove dark circles, Dr. Ourian focuses exclusively on minimally invasive means of providing patients with aesthetic enhancements. Surgical methods include blepharoplasty, specifically lower eyelid surgery. While lower blepharoplasty may be effective for patients in certain situations, it does come with risks and demands a patient’s commitment to permanent results. Instead of this option, Dr. Ourian focuses on treatments that provide flexible results with minimal risk of side effects or adverse outcomes.
Dr. Ourian’s approach allows for same-day improvements without the need for lengthy recovery periods. Both dermal fillers and Coolaser are gentler on the body than lower blepharoplasty while still providing stunning improvements for dark circle and under-eye bag removal.

Is There a Recovery Period?

The beauty of non-surgical dark circle removal is that there is typically no recovery period or downtime required. Some patients may experience slight swelling, redness, or even minor bruising after the procedure for up to a few days but these effects are short-lived and often much more mild than those associated with surgery. We’ll provide you with post-treatment instructions on how to avoid irritating your under-eye area and other treatment sites, such as avoiding excess sun exposure and being careful about any pressure on the area.

What Do the Results Look Like?

The results of non-surgical dark circle removal can look amazing when performed by the right physician. Our treatments will reduce the discoloration and puffiness around your eyes for a refreshed, youthful appearance that can last for months or more, depending on your treatment. Additionally, with consistent follow-up treatments, you can extend the life of your results and enjoy an even brighter complexion for years to come. Combining treatments also proves a popular and positive choice for patients, allowing them to see an even greater increase in the visibility of results.
Simon Ourian™, M.D., practices cosmetic dermatology by vocation and is a sculptor by avocation—but in Dr. Ourian’s mind, they are indivisible. “It is the study of human anatomy and the classic art of sculpting that has been the most vital aspect of what has helped me achieve natural, realistic results for my patients over the years.”
Results That Speak For Themselves
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If you want to look more vibrant and youthful, we invite you to book a consultation with Dr. Ourian at Epione today. We’ll help you customize a treatment plan that meets your aesthetic needs and give you the results you desire in minutes, not weeks or months. Get ready for a refreshed complexion right away! Contact us now to learn more about dark circle removal in Beverly Hills with a leading physician for cosmetic dermatology.
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