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Sculptra reviews

Sculptra Reviews

Actual patient reviews
Sculptra injections are a popular anti-aging treatment. They can be quite costly and whether or not they are worth it is the subject of much debate. They can be quite expensive and a person may need various treatments in order to maintain results. Following is an overview of what those who have used Sculptra have to say about this particular product.


Sculptra is mostly used by women, although men can also use this form of treatment. Most of the individuals who reviewed this particular product give it high ratings, and by both genders alike. Many people who have had this treatment note that Sculptra works as advertised. It fills out the face, eliminates bags under the eyes and gives a person an overall youthful appearance. These same individuals also note that they are happy to recommend this product to others.


On the other hand, numerous individuals who have used Sculptra have noted that they are very unhappy with the results and would not recommend this product to anyone. The main cause of dissatisfaction is negative side effects arising from this treatment course. Those who gave this product a thumbs down rating note that some of the side effects include bruising, swelling and permanent lumps that do not go away on their own. It should be noted that even a number of positive reviewers commented that swelling and bruising does occur when using Sculptra.

Factors to Consider

Many individuals who read Sculptra reviews do so because they themselves are considering getting this form of treatment. It is important to note, however, that a person’s experience will be based on a number of factors. Some people do not take well to this form of treatment while others do. Many reviewers comment that choosing the right doctor to administer this treatment is extremely important, as naturally some doctors are better and more experienced than others.

In Summary

Sculptra is a form of anti-aging treatment that appears to gets a high overall review rating. It can be effective and most users report that the side effects are minimal and/or easy to deal with. At the same time, it should be noted that a sizable minority of those who have used this product give it a very negative review rating due to experiencing reactions after getting one or more Sculptra shots. A person who is considering this form of treatment should take both positive and negative reviews into consideration. It is also a good idea to choose a good doctor and avoid getting this treatment immediately before a special event or occasion.

Sculptra Patient Reviews

“Dr. Ourian has a fabulous eye, and is a real artist with the fillers. They are smooth and natural.”

— EY

“You guys were so helpful, made this whole experience so much easier with all your support. very nice employees, and made me comfortable coming in and leaving your place. I would like to say thank you!!”

— J.C.

“I finally found a place where I feel safe and sure that my needs will be addressed and my questions will be answered. I have already recommended Epione to my family and friends….top of the line technology and customer care! I am absolutely pleased with the service I have received and I’ve been a customer since Feb. 09”

— A.L

“I am always treated very nicely when I come in for treatment. Dr. Ourian is very expert at filling lines.”

— MH


— CB

“Epione’s medical expertise is only matched by their sense of timeless beauty and luxury.”

— K.D

“Everyone is treated as though they are in an upscale spa with a friendly, down-to-earth manner. I feel very comfortable at Epione.”

— A.M

“Epione is great! The staff is very informative and Dr. Ourian does a great job!”

— LM

“I have been a client of Epione for at least 5 to 6 years. Of course I would recommend Epione and I have.”

— LL

“The Doctor is absolutely wonderful and an expert. I am very happy with all services.”

— Jane B.

“Dr. Ourian’s has an extraordinary “eye” and applies his artform gently and quickly. And, what a joy in today’s medical world–to work with someone who listens! Kudos to Epione!”

— GM

“Consistently providing excellent service.”

— RM

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