Life and Style Magazine 6-16-14 – Knife Styles OF THE RICH AND FAMOUS


Transformation OF THE WEEK

“In 1993, Cuban-born Daisy Fuentes blazed a trail when she became MTV’s first Latina VJ. Since then, her dynamic career has ranged from House of Style host to actress to retail mogul extraordinaire, launching her own line of fashion, hair care, fragrance, eyewear and even a Pilates workout. Now 47-year-old Daisy — who’s amassed a reported net worth of $165 million along the way — has conquered in another way: turning back time. “Daisy looks as young as she did in her 20s,” observes Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Payman Simoni, who does not treat the star. “She has good genes, but I’d say she’s also had a few refreshers to keep her eternally young look!” While he rules out major surgical procedures, Dr. Simoni believes she’s using Botox to erase her frown lines, fillers to plump her lips and a nonsurgical facial tightening, such as Ultherapy. Daisy’s flawless skin, notes celebrity cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Simon Ourian (who also does not call Daisy a client), “may be the result of Coolaser resurfacing to eliminate wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of aging.” It’s also effective in evening out skin tone, he adds, “and Daisy’s coloring is now immaculate!”
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