Lip Enhancement

Naturally full lips are considered a sign of youth and health, and are widely held to be more physically attractive than thinner lips. You may find, even if you had full lips when you were younger, that as you age your mouth has seemed to tighten up, and your lips have shrunk down. This is a result of a natural aging process in which collagen, a naturally occurring substance in your body, is absorbed and not replaced. Throughout much of history there was very little that could be done about this, some people were born with full lips, and some were not. Others would keep their full lips over the course of their lives, while some would not. Fortunately, thanks to advances in modern medical technology, especially in the area of injectable fillers, there are now several options that people may take in an effort to either get the full lips that they have always wanted. Or to maintain the full lips that they knew when they were younger. As you can see in these lip treatment videos something can be done to help you get the full lips you desire.

There are several injectable fillers available now and they range in their application depending on the condition of the patient, the goals of the patient, and a number of other factors that your cosmetic doctor will go over with you. You may well have heard of collagen injections. These are widely used, effective, and generally safe since they are made from a naturally occurring substance in the body. Another naturally occurring bodily substance that is gaining popularity as an injectable filler is hyaluronic acid, this is an especially popular filler because it works to improve the health of the tissue it is injected into by promoting the transmission of moisture and nutrients.

The downside of using naturally occurring bodily substances as injectable fillers is that they have a tendency to be absorbed into the body gradually over time. This is harmless, but will lessen the effect of full lips that you, like the people in these lip treatment videos were hoping to achieve. This may require multiple treatments over time in order to maintain the appearance of full lips you were looking for. On the other hand, synthetic injectable fillers have the advantage of lasting longer, but they have the risk of potentially beginning to look unnatural as you age and the tissue surrounding the injections naturally sags and wrinkles. For this reason, naturally occurring fillers like hyaluronic acid may be a good choice for patients who are beginning to get on in age and are more interested in maintaining their appearance for a few more years in a more naturalistic way than in attempting a more long lasting fix. You should have a look at these lip treatment videos of people seeking to get full lips so that you can identify someone with a condition similar to your own and decide based on that what kind of a treatment you think will be appropriate. Your doctor will be an important part of this decision process.