Skin Rejuvenation

Sun Damaged Skin Treatments: Repairing The Wrath Of Nature

Sun damage may be the single most common affliction that we face as we grow older. The sun’s UV rays damage the tissues of the skin over the years, contributing to a premature aged appearance and loss of elasticity. Sun damaged skin treatments may be tailored to address the specific condition that you have. Sun damaged skin treatments are very commonly aimed at repairing sunspots, which are dark spots on the skin that result when your body creates a large amount of melanin, a natural skin pigment agent, in response to damage the skin has sustained from prolonged exposure to the sun. These sunspots are actually the effort of the body to protect itself from further damage, but unfortunately results in unsightly sunspots. Most sunspots, and many other forms of sun damage to the skin are not health threatening and you should keep this in mind should you be considering sun damaged skin treatments of any sort.

Depending on your condition any of a number of treatments may be most appropriate for your sun damaged skin treatments. For example if you are simply worried about sun spots and other pigmentation issues you may find that a simple topical cream skin lightener may achieved the results you desire. Skin lightening creams work by essentially gently bleaching the skin over a number of treatments resulting in a tone that more closely matches the tone of the surrounding skin. Unfortunately because skin lighteners will lighten all the contacted skin they are usually not a good option for people with naturally darker skin who are seeking sun damaged skin treatments. This is because the skin lighteners will make all of the contacted skin appear unnaturally light and may be more obvious and less desirable than the original sunspot had been in the first place.

Occasionally more serious conditions require sun damaged skin treatments. On occasions lengthy and repeated exposure to the sun can result in growths that can become cancerous and dangerous to your health. In these occasions the sun damaged skin treatment that is appropriate will probably be a good deal more intensive and potentially invasive than a simple topical skin lightening cream would be. Laser treatments and surgical excision may be necessary to adequately address your condition. No matter what sort of condition you have the smartest thing you can do is educate yourself, both about your condition and about the variety of procedures that are available for that condition. You can best educate yourself, by first examining online resources and then finding a qualified reputable physician to discuss sun damaged skin treatments with you. Your doctor will be able to work with you to determine both exactly what sort of condition you have as well as help you to decide what sort of procedure, if any, would be moth appropriate for your sun damaged skin treatments.