In fighting the flab we often go to extremes to attain the body of our dreams. Strenuous exercise routines and rigorous dieting are generally the way to go. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with a body that reacts the way it is expected to. Stubborn fat deposits may stick around, stubbornly refusing to move out of your life. In cases like these, people may seek out help from cosmetic physicians. Liposuction has become increasingly popular as it is a sure-fire way to get rid of unsightly fat deposits once and for all.

During this procedure, a small stainless steel tube is inserted directly into the fat via small incisions made on the surface of the skin. Strong suctioning power is then employed to create small tunnels or canals in the fat layer. Once the procedure is complete these tunnels collapse, resulting in improved body contours

Liposuction Cost

Liposuction prices vary across the board. Naturally, some areas of the body will necessitate higher costs while others are comparatively low. Of course, patients should consider the fact that high quality is more important than cheap pricing. Never pick a cosmetic surgeon based on pricing. Rather choose a highly qualified surgeon with an amazing track record.

Costs always depends on the size of the treatment area as well as the amount of fat that needs to be removed. Always be sure to request a few before and after photos to secure your peace of mind as well.

Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck or “abdominoplasty” is a procedure that removes excess fat and skin from your tummy area, tightening the abdominal muscles for a flatter, firmer-looking body. This surgery is not the same as liposuction which involves sucking out canals of fat directly from the fat layer of the body. When deciding on whether or not to opt for this surgery it is important for patients to realize that this is a highly invasive procedure.

A complete abdominoplasty requires a large incision from one hipbone to the other — skin, fat, and excess tissue will be removed. During this procedure a patient’s belly button will need to be moved and drainage tubes will be placed under the skin for a minimum of 72 hours. A partial abdominoplasty is performed in the area underneath the belly button and is only slightly less invasive than a full tummy tuck.

Laser Liposuction

Laser liposuction treatments make use of targeted laser technology that heats up the fatty layer beneath the skin, targeting those stubborn fat cells. Of course, an appropriately healthy diet and exercise routine will assist in prolonging the positive effects of this treatment and any other treatments that target fat.

Liposuction Side Effects

All medical procedures carry a certain amount of risk and liposuction is no different. Of course, the fact that it is rapidly becoming one of the most frequently performed procedures in the United States certainly helps to lower the risk someone. Surgeons are becoming more skilled and the technology involved is becoming more advanced. Swelling, bruising, and pain around the surgical site are a common side effect, as are fluid-filled seromas. Nerve compression in the area can also cause numbness in the region of the surgical site once it has healed. Side effects on the rare end of the spectrum include post-operative infections and immune disorders which can be prevented through proper post-operative care.

Liposuction Video

Before undergoing any medical or cosmetic procedure it may be in the patient’s best interests to so some research and watch a video online. Liposuction, although popular, should not be taken lightly and it is important for the patient to understand every aspect of the surgery. These videos will often include details on the actual surgical procedure as well as before and after examples. Watching these videos is not meant to be a scare tactic but rather a tool to equip patients with a better understanding of what they can expect.

Liposuction Recovery

All patients should make sure that they have a reliable friend or family member who can drive them home. After surgery patients are generally in too much discomfort to do any major tasks and their pain medication prevents them from driving. Compression garments and pads will be provided by the doctor and patients will be told how to use them; they will also be informed of the necessary drainage procedures that will follow the surgery. The full recovery period lasts anywhere from a few weeks to a few months depending on the size of the treated area and the overall health of the patient.

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