Top Winter Skincare Tips

The winter solstice will occur on Wednesday, December 21, 2017 at 11:28am EST. The total duration of winter 2017 is 89 days, 00 hours, and 47 minutes.
You could spend all that time chapping, itching, peeling, and stinging your way through the season. Or, you could follow these simple yet brilliant tips to get glowing winter skin.

Wash in Lukewarm Water

While a hot shower or bath feels great when coming in from the cold, they strip away vitally important natural oils from the skin. Especially when washing hands and faces, stick to lukewarm water to protect your skin’s natural moisture barrier.

Use Soap Free Cleansers

Regular soap can be very harsh and drying to the skin. Whether you are cleansing your face, hands, or body, choose a gentle cream or oil based cleanser that will nourish your skin.


The thin skin on your feet, hands, and elbows can get rough and callused faster than the rest of your body. Keep those and other parts smooth and ready to absorb moisturizers by exfoliating regularly. For face and hands, buy an exfoliating face wash that won’t dry out your skin. You can buy comparable products for your body, and use them with a loofah in the shower.

Moisturize Immediately After You Wash

Besides preserving your skin’s natural moisture, in winter especially, you need the additional moisture of lotions and moisturizers. Moisturizing when your skin is still damp seals the dampness into your skin, enhancing the moisture effect. Keep lotions next to every sink and shower in the house so you don’t forget, and throw a mini-tube in your purse or car so you can keep your hands smooth on the go.

Layer on the Protection

Gloves, scarves, hats, and coats can be more than warming in the winter months; they also protect your skin from the wind and the dry air. Many people also forget that the sun can be just as damaging on a cloudy day as on a sunny one, so remember to use a good sunscreen even in winter months.


Heating systems dry out the air in your home, compounding the effect of the dry air of the season. To combat dryness, consider installing a humidifier. If you truly want to see a noticeable difference, buy a whole house humidifier. Or, if you want to humidify just one bedroom, try this Honeywell room humidifier.

Make DIY Masks

Your kitchen cabinet is full of wonderful, moisturizing ingredients which are great for treating and preventing dry skin. Honey, avocado, yogurt, olive, jojoba, and almond oils, bananas, and aloe are all good options. Pick your favorites and mix them together to make a cream or paste, and leave on the skin for 10-30 minutes.


Cucumbers are cooling and soothing, making them the perfect remedy for reducing redness, inflammation and puffiness. This mask is also great after spending time in the sun.
Pulse cucumber in a blender and apply to face.
Leave on for 5 minutes.
Rinse with water.
*To treat your eyes only, cut the cucumber into discs and place over the eyes.

Drink Water

Most people sip on hot drinks like cocoa and tea during the winter. While this is comforting (and acceptable,) the problem is that they forget to drink enough water. If you want a hot drink, try hot water with lemon. If you are drinking cold or room temperature water and don’t like it plain, try one of the low calorie flavored vitamin mixes available at your local supermarket.

Eat Winter Foods for Healthy Skin

We heal from the inside out, and what we put in our bodies not only gives us energy, but provides us with a powerful defense against dryness, ultraviolet damage from the sun, and wrinkles, and can promote smooth skin. Luckily, foods that are good to eat in winter are also in season this time of year. Here are some of the top choices.
• Grapefruit
• Coffee
• Edamame
• Tea
• Carrots
• Tuna
• Broccoli
• Spinach
• Cocoa

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