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People discover Perlane in many different ways. As a highly effective treatment for sagging skin, Web surfers may learn about Perlane first hand by performing a casual search on Google. They might type in a few words in the search box pertaining to skin care or wrinkles, a vital step that subsequently presents them with the options available.

Perlane Product Reviews

Meanwhile, those who find Perlane to be affordable are highly likely to conduct even more research on the product. It is at this stage that the researchers would start to search for product reviews. They often end up finding themselves on popular online product review sites such as ReviewStream, ePinions, RealSelf, SpaHub and others.

They will either find enough information or lament the fact that some sites don’t carry enough data regarding Perlane. Because RealSelf in particular contains a lot of experiential information on the subject, they are likely to stay on the site for long periods of time. After all, there is so much to read about as there are over a hundred testimonials on Perlane.

Sometimes Research Raises More Questions

Naturally, individuals who have gone this far in their data-gathering journey would be curious to find out if Perlane really works in order to convince themselves if the treatment is for them or not. They are also highly likely to ask their friends, family and other relatives if they have heard about Perlane. They would likewise have a tendency to make phone calls to local cosmetic physicians and spa clinics. All these steps are geared towards covering all the bases consciously or unconsciously.

How Reviews Affect Decision Making

Of course, the learning process never ends. Depending on their psychological makeup, humans will act on the Perlane information. Those who have read enough and seen enough before-and-after photos are more likely to book an appointment with a skin care expert of their choice. However, there are also those who never manage to get over their fears regarding Perlane or any similar product for that matter.

Individual Differences Theory

They might feel that they need more data with regards to what may make Perlane superior to other related treatments like Restylane or even Juvéderm. Either way, both sides of the fence have had their fill of Perlane reviews. The decision is entirely theirs, and whatever they decide, there is no doubt that all the information they have read or gone through have helped them in one way or another.

Perlane Patient Reviews

“I had very deep wrinkles and volume loss under my eyes and Dr. Ourian recommended Perlane which he promised would take care of all that. After many years and all sorts of attempts to restore my youth, Dr. Simon was the only to actually follow through and make it happen for me. I love you Dr. Ourian!”

— A.R

“Epione isn’t number one for no reason, Simon Ourian takes skin care to another level.”

— K.A

“Always enjoy coming in and I love the art, Thank You.”

— M.S

“I love the way my results look. Everything Dr. Ourian has done is great.”

— H.I

“Always a pleasure- Great staff.”

— M.B

“Efficient service, friendly staff, clean & attractive.”

— M.B

“Excellent all around service. Dr. Ourian completely changed my appearance of my skin. I’m very happy!”

— F.C

“I like Epione!”

— M.W

“Thanks for the great service!”

— A.G

“I appreciate Dr. Ourian and his staffs’ caring manner and professionalism.”

— A.S

“Very helpful, caring and friendly to patients needs. Orly is very good at what she does -)”

— A.B

“Staff is excellent, especiialy pleased with Dr. Ourian.”

— T.R