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People are grateful that there is a website like where they can find blow-by-blow accounts about undergoing liposuction. One gets this impression from reading all the personal accounts. However, it is also scary reading about what other people have been through, especially for someone who is about to embark on the procedure. This is what user hrtb84 says in her blog at RealSelf.

A View to a Chill

She underwent liposuction to take away extra fats on her chin, arms, inner thighs, and abdomen. The procedure in Toronto, Canada cost her $15,000. The average price for a liposuction is $5,175 according to the website, but then such estimate does not include the many parts that had to be worked on as far as hrtb84 is concerned.

Like many site visitors, this patient spent a great deal of time poring through reviews in order to be as prepared as possible when the time came. She had gone to other sites where some liposuction reviews are available, but for the most part, she depended a lot on RealSelf to make an informed decision.

The One-Stop Shop for Free Liposuction Information

What sets the site apart from other similar sites is the tremendous amount of information available. Here, individuals don’t just write about their experience, good or bad. They can keep adding or updating their writings with new material. Most review sites are formatted for one-time entries due perhaps to space limitation, or is it just the lack of vision and foresight in planning these things.

No Holds Barred Hard Facts

In contrast, this site is all about getting as much information as possible, whether it hurts or not. Liposuction is an invasive procedure that involves going under the knife to suction off excess body fats with vacuum-like precision. Generally, it takes about eight weeks for results to fully show. Also, a liposuction patient would be wise to set aside about ten days to recover prior to going back to work.

Solving the Puzzle One Piece at a Time

That, anyway, is standard operating procedure with any basic surgery. By going through tons of material, a reader is able to piece together all the information required to make an intelligent decision about liposuction. However, as the website cautions, nobody should be relying on reviews alone.

A Free Market to Chronicle the Liposuction Experience

People are free to write about their experience before, during and after the procedure. Because the information is presented in this manner, one gets the full picture or snapshot of what it’s going to take to undergo and recover from liposuction. In most cases, persons choose the procedure after finding that other methods come up short. Or so it seems, liposuction is a last resort, even though such treatment does not take care of the part where the skin goes lax because of the amount of fats that have been removed.

Responding plastic surgeons are quick to mention this on the website. There are many such limp-skin lifting techniques available. Online users are free to make a comment or to provide feedback to a posting. The experience is similar to Facebook, only more compact and directed towards a medical or even more specifically, a plastic surgery experience. More than the sharing or liking part, it is being able to catalog one’s personal experience with liposuction that draws the crowds.

Liposuction Patient Reviews

“The treatment work and the staff is very friendly. Doctor is so understanding and is willing to accommodate any situation. He’s friendly and very kind. I have already told several friends. He will hear from them.”

— RE

“I have been pleased with all my results!”

— B.G

“Everyone is super nice at Epione. They make me feel really comfortable. I have seen results get better by the day!”

— K.B

“Timelessness was very much appreciated. Always enjoy seeing your staff.”

— P.C

“Always handles my issues well. Dr. Simon is the best!”

— M.L