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Wrinkles, blemishes and acne scars are some of the skin problems that haunt every beauty conscious men and women today. The increasing environmental pollution, vices and unhealthy foods that this modern world offers make these skin problems almost inevitable. Good thing a treatment was developed to manage these skin problems. This treatment is none other than laser skin resurfacing procedure. Laser skin resurfacing is a type of treatment that helps reduce wrinkles and manage skin irregularities such as acne scars and blemishes. The technique involved in this treatment includes the removal of the skin layer by layer using a pulsating beam of light.

Is this Treatment Procedure Safe?

Despite the countless benefits of using laser skin resurfacing treatment, a lot of people are still hesitant to undergo the procedure. As things can go wrong most people might want to search first for reviews to help them understand and discover whether such a procedure is worth undergoing. This is the reason why the different review pages and websites about laser skin resurfacing online are becoming more and more popular. However, are these online reviews really beneficial?

Why Should People Rely on Online Reviews?

For those are considering this procedure but are still quite hesitant, reviews posted online can be a great way to help make a decision. Many people who are planning to have the procedure usually do their research by scanning through reviews that are posted online. Unlike the information provided by doctors, reviews about laser skin resurfacing treatment come from previous clients and patients who have already undergone the process. This makes it easier for people to relate and share their own concerns and sentiments about the procedure.

What Can People Get from Reviews?

There are basically a lot of things that people can learn and discover from reading online reviews. Aside from the fact that it comes from someone who already had the experience, the reviews also provide necessary details about the treatment. It is true that doctors can provide important medical information and facts about laser skin resurfacing. However, the anticipation, concern, and pressure that are also experienced from undergoing such a procedure may often only be answered and alleviated through the comments and statement made by previous clients. No other individual can understand the feeling as much as the person who has already been through the experience.

Reviews Versus Advertisements

Reviews coming from clients and customers are also more helpful compared to advertisements about the treatment. Unlike ads and promotions, reviews do not only provide the positive side of the procedure. The reviews also include the negative side effects, the cons, and as well as the things to expect from the treatment. This makes it easier for potential candidates to prepare themselves not only physically, but mentally and emotionally. Aside from this, review pages online also works as a forum. This allows people to post their questions and concerns and receive answers to their queries. All in all, reviews about any type of medical procedure may be very beneficial.

Patient Reviews

“You guys are great. I have no idea how one could possibly improve Epione. The consultation at the beginning helped answer all my questions and choose the correct treatment for my skin type. The results were spectacular.”

— S.M

“You guys are great. I have no idea how one could possibly improve Epione. The consultation at the beginning helped answer all my questions and choose the correct treatment for my skin type. The results were spectacular.”

— S.M

“I always recommend Dr. Ourian because he definitely is the best. The staff behind is very pleasant and helpful as well. I have been treated for years by the staff at Epione and I could not be happier than I am. Thanks you.”

— T.I

“The laser has really helped get rid of my wrinkles.”

— AK

“I was very happy to meet Dr. Simon. Looking forward to looking better and feeling younger. Great one day makeover. Very excited.”

— SS

“My skin feels smoother and tighter”

— SS

“Everyone at Epione is always courteous and helpful. Thank you for giving excellent services!”

— S.S

“Thank you for keeping my skin beautiful! You are the best!”

— LL

“Doctor Ourian is fantastic, talented, patient, and understanding. All the assistants are sweet and extremely helpful. I love the fact that it is so peaceful there. I am very content with the the feel of my skin and its appearance.”

— L.E

“I was treated like a queen at Epione. Thank you for restoring my skin and confidence.”

— J.W

“The staff from Dr. Simon Ourian to the front office and everyone in between is brilliant. I have referred several people to Epione because of the trust I have in the Doctor and the beautiful results he provided for me.”

“I adore Dr. Ourian. His is so professional and knows what to do and how to do it.”

— S.R

“Very nice, very friendly. When I came in I was nervous but everyone there made me feel very comfortable. GOD BLESS THEM.”

— H.A

“The staff at Epione are so nice. The consultant explained everything about each treatment and explained which treatment is best for me.”

— E.V

“Coolaser made an incredible difference.”

— YP

“It is very simple. Every time I visit Epione, it’s a professional and warm environment. Thank you for all you do!”

— V.V

“Great service and results! Thank you so much!”

— K.H

“I am happy with the results I am getting + great staff! Great Communication!”

— MR

“The treatments last for long periods. I enjoyed the excellent customer service as much as the results. Thank you Epione.”

— C.H

“Always a very relaxing, friendly and pleasant experience. I have known Dr. Simon Ourian for ten years and I am very happy with your work. Good attitude. Gentlemen. Excellent work.”

— S.F

“Customer Service excellent. Follow up telephone call was greatly appreciated.”

— S.V

“Wonderful impression of the clinic and staff.”

— L.N

“Excellent service, very pleasant experience. The staff was nice, very comforting. Overall great.”

— M.J

“Dr. Simon is not just a doctor. He is amazing warm, thoughtful gentleman.”

— L.Y