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Laser hair removal has become a popular cosmetic medical treatment lately. People who want to get rid of unwanted hairs from underarm, leg, arm, face, bikini line etc. often take recourse to this treatment. The treatment is different from the traditional hair removal methods like waxing, plucking or electrolysis. Here, the laser beams of concentrated light are applied to the hair-infested area. The light penetrates the hair follicles and is absorbed by follicle pigments and kills the hair from the root.


However, as with all new treatments, people who want to go for laser hair removal are also doubtful about its effectiveness. It is a costly treatment, so nobody wants his money to go down the drain. The side-effects are another concern. Like people inquire if the treatment will leave scars in the laser-applied areas. This is where the user reviews come in. Those who wish to undergo the treatment look to benefit from the experience of people who have already tried it.

Assessing the Pros and Cons

This explains the vogue of user reviews websites on the internet. Typically when someone wants to subscribe to a product or service, he tries to find what other people are saying about it. Similarly with a treatment like laser hair removal, one tries to gauge the advantages and disadvantages of such a procedure from the accounts of individuals who have already tried the treatment and are also helpful enough to share their experience with people.

Are the Reviews Really Helpful?

They often are. However, they may also often confuse people who are looking for a definite answer. For example, people undergoing laser hair removal may often experience very different results. Someone may be perfectly satisfied with it and still someone else may think that his money has been wasted. Still others may be ambiguous in their opinions. Yet, if someone if diligent enough, he may try to establish a pattern from among these many conflicting reviews. For example, he may glean information to the effect that laser treatment is not so effective when applied to face as when applied to arm or underarm. Or that the risks of side-effects are greater when applied to face than when applied to other areas. Even if he does not get a definite answer in the form of ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ these little nuggets of information can still provide him with some useful overview on the treatment and may help influence his decision.

Final Decision

People who search for reviews only do so when they really want to buy a product or avail a service. In case of laser hair removal or similar treatments, it often happens that people have already made their mind that they will go for a removal treatment. Or maybe they are already undergoing other treatments and now want to shift to the newer technology for a greater result. Whatever the case, there is a strong emotional investment and that is the reason why the reviews become so much important to them. And more often than not, the reviews do deliver and do help people to make the right decision.

Laser Hair Removal Patient Reviews

“I like the facility, it is relaxing and staff is very friendly.”

— Z.D

“Again as I have written before Epione staff are a wonderful group. Considerate, kind and…beautiful.”

— FS

“I’ve been here several times now and I always feel welcomed by the professional and beautiful staff. I’m always satisfied with my procedures and the explanation of services. Thank you for the excellent service!”

— NA

“So far, I am very happy with the laser hair removal. I’ve noticed a difference just after my first treatment.

— CN

“Excellent care provided by the staff. They are so nice and the doctor is amazingly awesome. I am satisfied with the treatments and I sure will be returning.”

— V.N

“Dr. Ourian and his staff are amazing. The treatments I’ve received helped me get rid of unwanted hair FOREVER.”

— B.G

“Very knowledgeable about every treatment. Made alternative selections to procedures that I was nervous about. Pleasant staff, very comforting.”

— GT

“The team is great! Always make me feel welcomed and good about my visits. Friendly & Professional and Dr. Ourian’s treatments are what I wanted.”

— M.K

“Great client care through the staff. Epione definitely has a gift in making one feel at ease!”

— S.K

“Very pleased with the warm, nurturing environment. Thank you Dr. Simon for removing my unwanted hair. Now I can throw away my shavers!”

— C.G

“Dr. Simon is wonderful as always. I would not change a thing about Epione. the staff is incredibly warm.”

— N.I

“This is the standard for premium services.”

— MB

“Doctor Simon is outstanding! He is very caring and compassionate. He definitely carries out everything performed!”

— S.Y

“This is a beautiful office and the staff is extremely friendly!”

— K.I

“Very friendly staff, Doctor Ourian is number one in Beverly Hills.”

— N.S

“I really appreciate how lovely the patients are treated. The staff is very sweet and helpful. They make me feel good and positive.”

— C.C

“Everyone is really nice, I enjoy coming to Epione.”

— C.M

“The staff was superb and gave a very professional presentation. They were extremely knowledgeable and well trained!!”

— D.P

“I love your services, great employees, and the office. At Epione, you get what you pay for.”

— V.G

“I have been very satisfied with my services. Yoko and staff have been wonderful.”

— RF