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ArteFill is a dermal filler treatment option that involves the restoration of skin structure by enhancing smoothness and youthfulness along the affected area. It was approved in October 2006 by the Food and Drug Administration as a possible way of diminishing facial wrinkles, acne scars, nasolabial folds among other forms of skin irregularities. If you have been planning to go for this treatment option, it is always good to read the reviews and testimonials of patients who have used it before.

Find out more about its side effects

It is not always easy to choose a cosmetic medical treatment especially if you are not sure about its consequences. The fact that ArteFill has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration does not necessarily mean that you will not experience some side effects receiving treatment. This is the major reason why it is always good to get an idea of what other patients are saying about this treatment and its consequences for your skin.

Developing the right mindset

ArteFill reviews are hopefully written by people who have undergone this treatment before, though there is no way to confirm this. This makes it easier for you to ease the uncertainty that has been torturing your mind. You will be able to read the real life experiences of people like you who decided to go for this treatment, how their skin responded to the treatment and their overall opinion about it.

Accepting the realities

According to most ArteFill reviews, the most common side effects include redness and swelling of the injected, area, feeling of a slight pain, sensitivity of the skin and a slight firmness after the injection but it disappears with time. With these types of side effects, you can expect to experience one of them when you go for this treatment. It is just a way of preparing yourself just by highlighting the most popular outcomes that should be expected.

Analyzing the quality of treatment

Not all cosmetic surgery clinics offer the same quality of treatment. There are some patients who have always expressed their dissatisfaction with a particular clinic due to legitimate reasons and this gives you the chance to make the right decision. Since these reviews are based on the personal experience of the patient, one can hope that they are not meant to tarnish the name of a particular doctor or surgeon. They are also not aimed at marketing a particular ArteFill clinic because whatever you read comes from independent consumers. When you read through these reviews, you may have an idea of the good and bad centers, the cheapest and most expensive, the side effects, benefits and other crucial information that you need to know before going for this treatment.

Patient Reviews

“Couldn’t make original appointment, the caring consultant easily rescheduled me and I am grateful. Thanks.”

“The Artefill has been great for me because of the permanent results it has provided around my lips. Dr. Ourian and his girls are very helpful in giving directions and treated me very courteously. I love it!”

“I feel safe and comfortable because I know I’m in great hands.”

“I am very happy. Doctor Ourian is wonderful. God Bless him. I have sent friends, family and my own customers to Epione.”

“Many people are complementing me on my face. All the wrinkles are gone! Service is timely and prices are perfect!”

“A beautiful place, qualified staff, great results.”

“Thank you for your good service and kind manner. The happiness you brought to my life is priceless!”

“I feel very comfortable with the staff here and very happy that I found Epione! Thanks.”

“The ArteFill gave me the results I was promised and the personnel accommodated me very well. I’m very pleased.”

“Wonderful service by all. I always recommend Epione to my friends.”

“Everyone is so helpful and professional. I have been very satisfied with my treatment.”

“The staff did a great job. I am extremely satisfied!”

“You have a great office and staff. Keep up the great work Dr. Ourian.”