Radiesse Injections

Radiesse injections are used to fill in wrinkles and scars that appear on the face. Skin folds can also be treated with this substance. The most common injection sites are around the mouth and nose areas for soft tissue augmentation.

Radiesse injections are made of calcium hydroxylapatite which is suspended in a non-allergenic gel. Calcium hydroxylapatite is very similar to the main component of human bone tissue. The calcium hydroxylapatite is in a microsphere form. Since neither part of the injection should elicit an allergic reaction, testing is not necessary unlike other compounds that have been used as fillers in the past.

Radiesse is injected into the deep dermis tissue to provide a matrix for your body to use to naturally fill in the wrinkles and skin folds. It can also be used to plump the lips in addition to filling in “smokers” lines around the mouth.

The time needed in the doctor’s office for Radiesse injection depends upon the total amount of work to be done. Typically a local anesthetic is given, especially if the area to be filled involves the lips. The lips are a very sensitive area and even just a few injections without the local anesthetic can be painful.

The typical patient will need to allow around 15 to 30 minutes for the procedure to be completed. Your physician will give you an estimate of time needed before you have your procedure. An ice pack may need to be applied to the site to help with the initial swelling after the Radiesse injection is completed.

The Radiesse filler may last for years after the treatment is completed. However, some touchups may be needed along the way. How long your treatment lasts is very individual. Some patients absorb the gel that is used to carry the calcium hydroxylapatite. That will necessitate touchup work. Other patients achieve optimal affects from the first injection and it lasts for years. Age and lifestyle choices along with skin type make every patient unique and therefore their response is unique.

Like all procedures there are risks involved with Radiesse injections. Pain at the injection site, bruising, and scar tissue formation do occur. Also nodules can form in the lips after lip treatments are done.

The cost of Radiesse injections is impossible to quote without a thorough knowledge of how many syringes of the mixture will be used. As with most fillers, the treatment can be fairly expensive. Your physician, or their assistant, will discuss the total cost of the treatment plan with you at your consultation visit. You should know when you leave that visit, the cost, and total treatments involved. You will want to feel comfortable with the physician that will be doing your procedure. You will also need to ask about how many of these specific procedures your physician has completed. Ask to see some before and after pictures during your consultation phase. Like any procedure, this is a decision in which you will need to be well informed.