Redbook – Luscious Lips Forever

REDBOOK (03-Jul-01)

Luscious Lips Forever

If you envy the full, pouty lips of actors like Angelina Jolie and Julia Roberts, and lament your own rather thin ones, you may consider having the lips you were born with enhanced. Or, if it’s not actors’ lips you crave, but the ones you had in your youth, you might look into having your lips returned to their original size and shape and now there may be a new permanent solution. Doctors have discovered a new non-surgical procedure for a common problem. The new technique, performed on about 250 patients worldwide is the most recent, relatively simple procedure for those who want to add a bit of oomph to their lips.

Dr. Simon Ourian, the cosmetic laser surgeon from Epione Medical Institute in Beverly Hills who pioneered Laser Lip Enhancement (LLE) states that the new procedure is simpler, cheaper, and has fewer side effects than other treatments. This breakthrough procedure is performed by combining existing FDA approved techniques.

Laser Lip enhancement is an outpatient procedure to fill in, puff up, remove the lines and generally enhance your own lips says Doctor Ourian, the procedure is done by using a noninvasive laser treatment combined with multiple injections of autologus fat three weeks apart and 70 percent of the subjects who were treated with this technique said their lips maintained volume even 12 months later.

It is becoming more widely available, with about 10 physicians performing it currently and around 100 expected to be offering it by next year. Epione Institute in Beverly Hills is one of three centers in the United States and 10 worldwide offering Laser Lip Enhancement Treatment. More than a dozen new sites will be in operation shortly and physicians are now being trained in the technique. For more information contact 888.928.2244