Life and Style Magazine 4-27-15 – Knife Styles OF THE RICH AND FAMOUS

Reese’s Little Re freshers

Transformation OF THE WEEK

When Best Actress nominee Reese Witherspoon arrived at this year’s Academy Awards, it had been nine years since her last Oscar nomination — and win— for Walk the Line in 2006. But comparing photos from each event, above, it’s as if time stood still! How is it that at 39, the A-list mom of three looks not a day older than when she was 30? “Reese is blessed with great genes,” admits Beverly Hills cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Simon Ourian. “But in my opinion, she’s also had some very skillful cosmetic work, the effect of which is restoration and maintenance, rather than augmentation.” Nothing looks frozen or overinflated, he notes, and the Wild star’s lips and cheeks appear the same as they did nearly a decade ago. “She just looks rested and more youthful,” adds NYC plastic surgeon Dr. Yoel Shahar, who, like Dr.Ourian, has never treated Reese. Both docs credit a light touch of Botox to the forehead and eye area along with a conservative amount of dermal fillers to replace volume in her cheeks, lips and jawline. As for that flawless skin? “She may have had Coolaser resurfacing,” shares Dr. Ourian. “This treatment provides a youthful glow by evening out skin tone, minimizing pores and eliminating fine lines and wrinkles.” Award-worthy, indeed.

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