Life and Style Magazine 9-22-14 – Knife Styles OF THE RICH AND FAMOUS

New Girl Nip-Tuck

Transformation OF THE WEEK

“Playing a fresh-faced ingénue on New Girl comes naturally for Zooey Deschanel, 34. But experts suspect it took a lot of work — and cash! — before the actress could achieve adorkable perfection. And we’re not talking about acting lessons. From her twinkling eyes to her cutesy pout, Zooey has undergone a major makeover. For starters, Beverly Hills cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Simon Ourian believes the actress double-teamed her peepers, undergoing a nonsurgical brow lift to widen them and then zapping dark under-eye circles with “a treatment like Coolaser, which breaks up the dark pigment and evens out skin tone.” And that irresistibly pert nose? It’s likely the result of expert rhinoplasty, observes LA plastic surgeon Dr. Jon Perlman, who, likethe other doctors quoted here, does not treat the star. Dr. Perlman believes she’s also “had filler to add a little volume to her cheeks and lips.”
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