Life and Style Magazine 8-19-13 – Knife Styles OF THE RICH AND FAMOUS

Nicole: Frozen in Time

Transformation OF THE WEEK

“A lesser actress may not have been able to pull it off. But for years, Oscar winner Nicole Kidman, 46, insisted her porcelain face was completely scalpel- and needle free. Experts insist there is evidence to the contrary. “There’s not a wrinkle on her face and no lines on her forehead when she animates it,” observes plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon of TV’s The Doctors. “She has had Botox for sure.” Celebrity cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Simon Ourian, who, like Dr. Ordon, has never treated Nicole, sees evidence of fillers, too — plumping her eye area, laugh lines and lips. Adds Dr. Ordon, “Nicole has definitely been enhanced.” Earlier this year, Nicole finally copped to dabbling in Botox, but also declared she’d given it up because of “unfortunate” results. “I can finally move my forehead again,” she demurred.”

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