Life and Style Magazine 4-28-14 – Knife Styles OF THE RICH AND FAMOUS

Winona’s War on Wrinkles

Transformation OF THE WEEK

“It’s hard to believe a casting director once told Winona Rider to forget being an actress because she wasn’t “pretty enough.” Her memorable roles in Edward Scissorhands, Reality Bites and Heathers not only helped her become the queen of ’90s cool, but the doe-eyed, porcelain skinned stunner also turned into a beauty icon for legions of Gen Xers. Now 42, Winona fortunately hasn’t needed to summon Beetlejuice to help fight back time. Instead, experts note, the star is staying wide-eyed and youthful thanks to a few strategic tweaks. “Winona looks lifted in the brow and jawline,” observes NYC cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Kenneth Mark, who does not treat the actress. “This could have been accomplished with Botox in the frown area and brow to lift her forehead and on her jawline, which provided a noninvasive neck lift,” though Winona has denied having any plastic surgery. The result, aided by a possible bit of “filler in the upper lip and mid-face,” adds Dr. Mark, “is a more refined, chiseled look, versus a rounded face pre-treatment.” Nice to see that casting director is still eating his words!”
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