Life and Style Magazine 2-2-15 – Knife Styles OF THE RICH AND FAMOUS

Britney’s Soaring Beauty Bill

Transformation OF THE WEEK

“Britney Spears’ image has gone through a lot of changes during her 16 years in the spotlight. From bringing back the crop top as a bubblegum pop star to turning up the sex appeal with onstage stripteases to shaving her head bald, the songstress has relentlessly reinvented herself, for better or worse. Now, oops — she’s done it again! At 33 and midway through a lucrative Las Vegas residency, the mom of two has made no secret of her visits to a plastic surgeon’s office. “A doctor I see, Dr. [Raj] Kanodia, does fun stuff to me sometimes — I’ve had lip injections before,” she admits. But the “fun” fixes seem to have escalated, say experts. Besides an apparent nose job, “Britney’s cheeks are fuller, her laugh lines softer and her upper lip plumper,” notes NYC plasticsurgeon Dr. Michelle Copeland, who has not treated the star. “It looks like she’s getting injectable fillers in these areas.”
Transformation OF THE WEEK

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