Those eyes! Those lips! That cleavage!” But those knees? You know Hollywood has jumped the shark on its addiction to perfection when the focus has shifted from erogenous zones to a humble utilitarian joint. But when it comes to the town’s actresses, power execs and wealthy wives, what else is there left to fix? Telltale signs of aging competently have been eradicated (sometimes overly so) in the marquee body parts, so science and vanity have moved on to less fetishized, subtler but still age-betraying areas: the hands, neck and, yes, knees.

Now that tabloids and blogs have shown the skin and tissue surrounding the patella are, like the rest of our bodies, subject to discoloration by sun damage, dimpling and fat pouches, it has become clear that not even all A-listers have the bee’s knees. Catherine Zeta-Jones, Cher and Sharon Stone have been called out for “kninkles,” or knee wrinkles — and Demi Moore is rumored to have had an knee-lift in 2012 to firm and smooth saggy knees.

For discoloration and scars, Rogers recommends bleaching creams over lasers, which require repeated treatments: “Hydroquinone is the most effective. I prescribe 4 percent, but you can go to 20 for severe darkening.”

So far, men’s legs have not become objects of obsession. Outside of the NBA and Wimbledon, you don’t see a lot of them — though star basketball players like recent NBA draftee Rondae Hollis-Jefferson have caught the anxiety bug, donning high socks, tights and compression garments to cover unsightly knees.

As for the ladies, there’s always a very simple, easy solution: pants.