Celeb Life – Cellulite Be Gone!

A breakthrough in the bulge battle
By Simon Ourian, M.D.

Cellulite is one of the top skin concerns facing women today. In fact, eight out of 10 women suffer from cellulite. I have patients who have exercised regularly their whole lives and have a great body to show for it, yet they still have cellulite. It doesn’t matter if they spend hours at the gym, eat all the right foods, or splurge on lotions and creams that guarantee to make cellulite disappear: those pockets of fat hugging their hips and thighs just won’t go away. Genetics also plays a crucial role in the formation of cellulite, which makes this such a frustrating condition for women seeking toned and smooth skin.

That is why I have spent the past decade researching methods to remove cellulite. Nothing worked-until now. I have finally found a procedure that works, and the results are incredibly impressive. Lipotherapy actually reduces-and, in some cases-eliminates cellulite permanently.

Lipotherapy is a noninvasive and painless alternative to liposuction and injections. It is by far the best noninvasive treatment I have ever seen to treat cellulite. The procedure involves the application of ultrasound waves that target cells under the skin, which causes the fat to even out and melt away almost instantaneously. The radio-wave shock therapy penetrates the skin to separate the fibers from the fat. This, in turn, allows the fat to become more uniform in the distribution.

Studies show that one of the reasons cellulite develops is because the connective tissues that support fat cells in the skin harden and contract. The Lipotherapy shock waves reach deep into the fat layer to break up the tissue and smooth out the skin. The treatment takes fewer than 30 minutes, and it is completely painless. Lipotherapy causes increased blood and lymphatic flow, decreased fibrosis of the connective tissue, and a reduction of the fat deposits. Even though the results were quite noticeable after using this method just once on a patient, I was still skeptical; but after repeated treatments, there was no denying that this is the first real treatment for cellulite that truly works. The results speak for themselves.

One of my patients saw her body change after the birth of her daughter. She tried every potion and therapy on the market, and none of them worked. “I just wanted to be the way I was before I had my daughter,” says Michelle, a 34-year-old actress who is otherwise healthy and who exercises often. “I’d been trying for two years to get rid of the fat and couldn’t get it off. I had a great deal of dimpling that looked like cottage cheese. I did about nine to 10 treatments with Dr. Ourian, and it’s gone. It’s amazing. It just feels so good. I have the legs of a 20-year-old again!”

One of the most interesting side effects is that many of the patients also reported a loss of inches as they were losing the cellulite. This was an unexpected benefit. I think because of the compacting of the fat, everything becomes so much firmer that patients may lose some inches, as well.
This is certainly a welcome bonus to some patients!

Even though this treatment reduces cellulite, it doesn’t mean that women can eat whatever they want and never exercise. If the fat builds back up, then the cellulite will reappear. But I am thrilled to finally be able to offer an efficient and effective treatment to remove cellulite.