Beverly Hills Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal is something everybody must’ve heard of. Laser hair removal is probably one of the most common among the laser treatments. Los Angeles is the Mecca of all kind of cosmetic surgeries and laser treatments. Beverly Hills Laser Hair Removal is the best way to get your unwanted hair off your body. Excessive body hair, both in men and women, may be due to several causes. These causes can be hormonal imbalance or due to affects of some medications. What adds to the discomfort is to shave and wax these hairs every other day. Beverly Hills Laser Hair Removal is a longer lasting, though not permanent, relief from unwanted hair and their everyday removal.

Before going deep into the Beverley Hills laser hair removal procedure, let’s have an overview of how the hair grows. The hairs grow and regrow from tiny cavities in our skin which are called hair follicles. Naturally, these follicles shrink with time and hair growth either stops or slows down but by that age you’d be more concerned about wrinkles rather than hairs. So, Beverly Hills Laser Hair Removal ensures that you don’t spend most of your age shaving or waxing.

So now we have an idea about hair follicles and may be already enlisted it in our list of hateful things but these follicles are also responsible of hair growth on your scalp, so the Beverly Hills Laser Hair Removal is not about passing a high power laser beam from your head to toe. The Beverly Hills Laser Hair Removal treatment focuses on part of the body from where the subject wants the hairs to be removed. The hairs from the area to be treated are normally shaven prior to the procedure and an anesthetic cream is applied to the area. A pulsating laser beam is focused on the area. This laser is absorbed by the hair follicles and the heat destroys the pigment in these follicles resulting in disability of these follicles.

The treatment might require multiple sittings depending on the patient, but the effect is often quite significant after each sitting. The results; however, also vary from person to person as the results of Beverly Hills laser hair removal treatment are better for those with fair skin and dark hair. That does not mean it won’t work on dark skinned or light haired people. It is important that you consult a good physician and practitioner about the possibilities and limitations prior to the Beverly Hills laser hair removal. There are some precautions to be followed prior to the treatment, like avoiding tanning, sun exposure, waxing or electrolysis.

Beverly Hills Laser Hair Removal side effects are typically minimal. Patient can experience mild pain or redness on the treated area. Some very uncommon risks are incomplete removal of hair and discoloration of the affected area. If you are looking for a physician and consultant in Beverly Hills Laser Hair Removal treatments, Epione has got them all for you. Make sure you consult them in order to have a further in depth knowledge about this.