Kim Kardashian’s Blood Facial

Celebrities place a high level of importance on appearance, and reality television star Kim Kardashian is no exception. Cosmetics can only do so much, but when a celebrity wants to make a long-lasting improvement, they turn to various procedures that many people might find rather odd. Maintaining a youthful look means that both male and female celebrities undergo different beauty treatments to keep a fresh face.

Though a treatment that involves splashing blood on the face might not be appealing to all, celebrities like Ms. Kardashian are embracing a new trend that allows for skin rejuvenation by using the platelets found in one’s own blood. Though it sounds a bit gruesome, it is possible to inject blood from your arms or legs into your face to get an instant facial, a new procedure that has been dubbed a “vampire” treatment. On the most recent episode of Kourtney and Kim Take Miami, the reality show centering on the socialite sisters, Kim went under the knife (or rather the syringe) in order to get this new treatment.

Not For The Squeamish

Though Kim Kardashian has previously stated that she would never get plastic surgery and would only stick to regular cosmetics for her health and beauty needs, the lure of younger looking skin was too much for her to overcome. Claiming that she loves to try any technique that leaves her looking younger, she was willing to tackle the platelet facial on camera before the E! audience. This look into blood facials proved to be a big change of pace from her normal routine.

What’s In A Drop?

Platelets, a component of the blood flowing through everyone’s body, have natural regenerative powers. Before Kim volunteered to be hooked up to the platelet machine that separates the tiny proteins from the rest of the blood, her doctor explained the procedure and its benefits. Though the blood has to be dripped onto the face, it is minimally-invasive and not nearly as drastic as other plastic surgeries. While the traditional “vampire” technique required injecting the blood into the face itself, the new technique requires only small probes with the needle into the lower parts of the skin.

Kim’s Big Day

With a friend alongside, Kim Kardashian got her face plastered in platelets. Kim performed admirably, though she claimed it hurt and that she would never get a face-lift if the injections felt like the “vampire” injections did. Later, however, Ms. Kardashian recovered from the treatment with ice packs and Kim claimed that it was not all that bad. A numbing cream was applied to her face prior to the injections, making them slightly less painful. The final pictures made her look as if she had wandered into a bucket of red paint, just another day for the starlet.