Jowl Treatments

A perfect face cut is like a perfect canvas. Naturally we all have face cuts which perfectly compliment our natural features. What gives us this perfect cut is our jaw line—a tight, firm, sharp jaw line indeed. Yet, as we age, the skin around our jaw line begins to sag and droop down. Even after a forehead or eyebrow lift, our age is quite identifiable by the loose saggy skin hanging down the jowls. The reason behind this sagging and loosening of skin is mainly the skin’s elasticity factor. Our skin loses its elasticity as the production of collagen slows down with age. With the lack of elasticity to hold it there, the gravitational pull makes it droop downwards. One more reason behind early loosening of jowl skin is the constant movement of the jaw line. We all need to eat and we all need to talk. Well, most of us are doing either or both at any given time. This constant movement results in loose jowl skin.

Due to people’s fear of signs of aging, men and women equally try to hide their aging jowl from the public eye. Thankfully, cosmetic surgeries have always been the savior. Taking about jowl treatment in particular, dermal fillers are always the first to be used. Collagenfillers, and other hyaluronic acid fillers will cushion and plump up the jowl area giving it a full and youthful appearance. The pros of dermal filler jowl treatment include its amazingly quick process and almost no downtime.

The facelift traditionally is called the best jowl treatment available. If your only problem area is the jowl area then a mini facelift is a more preferable jowl treatment as it concentrates on a particular area rather than the whole face. In this jowl treatment, a mini facelift requires lesser incisions than the conventional facelift, therefore causing lesser chances of bruising and other side effects. The effects of this jowl treatment last longer than those of dermal fillers because the skin is lifted and repositioned in this jowl treatment.

If you want a more advanced form of technology used, then laser treatment is the solution. It is by far the safest and non-invasive treatment in cosmetic surgeries. A mini facelift might also include a laser treatment as well. But your physician might suggest this jowl treatment alone, depending on the condition and its severity. Due to its non-invasive nature, a laser jowl treatment eliminates the chances of bruising, hence almost no recovery time and you would be able to face the world earlier than you think.

Among all the possible jowl treatments available, some may be better for you to use than others. The suitability of different jowl treatment varies from patient to patient. So, don’t forget to set up a detailed pre-treatment session with a qualified consultant. He might assist you in selecting the right jowl treatment for yourself.