Cosmetic Surgery: Nose Jobs And Other Popular Procedures

Rhinoplasty, commonly referred to as a ‘nose job’ is a cosmetic surgery on the nose, aimed at reshaping the surface of the nose and improving air flow and in the nasal cavities. No matter if the cause of your mal-shaped nose is due to a genetic birth defect, an injury, or a natural age related change, if you are self conscious about the shape of your nose you may consider nose cosmetic surgery to improve your condition. Nose cosmetic surgery is one of the most commonly performed and sought after cosmetic surgery and complications are generally rare. It is important that you select a doctor with thorough experience in nose cosmetic surgery in order to best protect yourself and ensure that you receive only the sort of treatment appropriate for your condition.

A misshapen nose is rarely a seriously health concern and you should keep this in mind when you opt for a nose cosmetic surgery or any other cosmetic procedure. Full recovery from a nose cosmetic procedure can take up to a year and some life activities may be limited for the duration of the healing period. For this reason it is important that you learn as much about nose cosmetic surgery as you can so that you will have reasonable and realistic expectations of what you will be able to achieve through nose cosmetic surgery, and not be surprised by any aspect of either the procedure, or post procedure care and healing.

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To help you understand the nature of a nose cosmetic surgery, you should know exactly what will occur during a rhinoplasty. You can expect that alterations will be made to either increase or decrease the nasal bridge in order to eliminate the appearance of a bump. General actions may be taken to reduce the size or width of the entire nose, or to simply narrow the nostrils. Finally it is common for a nose cosmetic surgery to change the angle of the nose coming off of the upper lip, or to simply reshape the tip. The actual surgical techniques used in your nose cosmetic surgery will differ and depend largely on the goals established by you and your doctor. Whenever possible, all of the incisions will be placed inside your nose in order to eliminate the visibility of scars. If your nose cosmetic surgery involves narrowing the base of the nose or the nostrils, you should expect small wedges of skin at the base of the nostrils to be removed in order to compensate for the new size. When this is necessary the new incisions will be hidden in the natural crease where the nostril meets the cheek.

After you have educated yourself as thoroughly as possible through online research you should schedule an appointment for a consultation with a doctor so that you can have any remaining questions or concerns addressed. It is your nose and you want to make sure that its care is in the best hands possible.

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