Facial Birthmarks

Facial Birthmarks: Removal And Reduction Options

Roughly five percent of people are born with some sort of skin discoloration that we generally known as birthmarks. Facial birthmarks come in a wide variety of types and may range from flat to smooth marks like port wine stains to growths that can occasionally pose a health risk if left untreated. Most facial birthmarks are not hazardous to your health and this should be taken into account when you are considering whether or not to have a cosmetic procedure to remove a facial birthmark. There are a variety of treatment options available if you decide that you would like to go ahead with facial birthmark removal, and with the help of a doctor you will able to determine what if any sort of cosmetic procedure is appropriate for you.

There are a number of sorts of facial birthmarks and you should educate yourself about the type of facial birthmark you have before you decide to undergo a cosmetic procedure. Brown pigmented birthmarks, which are popularly known as café au lait spots for their coffee colored tones are usually evident from birth. Nevus of Ota is a blue-black birthmark that is also seen either at birth or develops early in a child’s life. Both of these sorts of facial birthmarks usually respond well to laser treatments and if you decide to proceed that may be a good option to pursue. Café au lait birthmarks are a result of excess melanin deposits in the skin and generally respond very well to laser treatments. However, these sorts of facial birthmarks have a high rate of recurrence and may require multiple treatments.

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Facial Birthmarks known as port wine stains are a result of malformed vascular systems and tend to have a dark red to purple tone. These can occur anywhere on the body but facial birthmarks of this sort are occasionally, but rarely, associated with abnormalities of the eye and brain. If you have this sort of facial birthmark speaking to a doctor is an important step you should take early on. New treatments with certain types of lasers have been shown effective at treating these sorts of facial birthmarks.

More worrisome facial birthmarks are hemangiomas, which are vascular tumors that may be found to be superficial or deeper in the skin. These are of concern because hemangiomas may undergo rapid growth early in the life of a child and have sometimes presented problems as a result of this rapid growth. Most doctors prefer to treat these types of facial birthmarks early in life and if you have a child with a suspicious facial birthmark you may want to contact a doctor regarding it. Treatments for individuals with facial birthmarks are available for infants, children and adults with these conditions. This is largely thanks to the development of laser technology which is generally very safe and can be used on patients of most ages.
Once you have educated about the sort of facial birthmark you have and the options available for treatment you should contact a doctor to have any remaining concerns or questions answered.

Facial Birthmark Treatments

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