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Did Katherine Webb Have Plastic Surgery?

Did Katherine Webb Have Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery rumors abound as Katherine Webb, the reigning Miss Alabama, is brought to national attention by commentators during the recent BCS National College Championship game. Simon Ourian, M.D. of Epione Beverly Hills joins the debate.

BCS National College Championship

The beauty of Katherine Webb has recently been the topic of much conversation after commentators at the BCS National College Championship game January 7, 2013 in Miami gushed about her remarkable looks. Cameras panned to Webb during the first quarter as Brent Musburger expressed his awe and admiration for her beauty by stating that quarterbacks got all the “good-looking” women and went on to say, “What a beautiful woman.” The working model made an appearance on the Today show the following Wednesday and said she was “flattered” by the commentators remarks and handled the situation with the grace and poise of a true beauty queen.

Katherine Webb – Miss USA Finalist

Webb, who placed in the top ten in the Miss USA pageant last year, recently started dating Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron. She was at the game to show support for A.J. and her home state and this is when the cameras picked her up and the sportscasters picked her out of the crowd. Katherine shot to fame, seemingly overnight, as her Twitter followers went from a mere 2,300 to over 205,000 less than 24 hours later. The Auburn graduate cancelled several interviews after the Today show, insisting that she did not want to overshadow McCarron’s victory over Notre Dame nor did she want to spell certain disaster to the new relationship with rumors of her being only interested in “celebrity status” rather than McCarron. Both A.J. McCarron and Webb’s father spoke about the comments made by Musburger saying that Katherine was indeed a beautiful woman and they were flattered by the attention given to her beauty.

However, as with any overnight internet sensation, Katherine Webb has been the topic of scrutiny since last Monday as well. She has been forced to change her phone number due to the sudden influx of calls and recent plastic surgery rumors have begun to circulate.

Lip Augmentation?

Webb’s photographs suggest the use of some lip fillers as her pout is more defined in some photos than others. Plastic surgery is quite common among beauty queens and models because of the figure enhancement they provide and who doesn’t want those perfectly pouty lips? “Without examining Ms. Webb I can’t state unequivocally that she’s had a lip augmentation with filler,” opines Dr. Ourian, “but her lips look natural and that would be an indication that the work, if she had it, was well done. I’ve been performing lip augmentation for many years and I believe in offering natural-looking results.”

Breast Implants?

young woman with breast augmentation and lip enhancementHer Sports Illustrated layout shows off her more than human abs and the curves that most women only dream of having. Some are now inferring that perhaps she received breast implants to enhance these curves. “Katherine Webb is undoubtedly a unique beauty with or without plastic surgery or breast implants,” says Dr. Ourian, “but as far as the likelihood of her having gotten breast implants is concerned, a picture’s worth a thousand words.”

“I personally don’t specialize in breast implant surgery but anyone wishing to meet with a Board-Certified plastic surgeon can contact Epione to arrange for a private consultation,” states Dr. Ourian.

Brent Musburger Apologizes

Recent events have catapulted Katherine Webb into internet stardom and she will most likely remain in the media spotlight as long the relationship with Alabama’s star quarterback remains strong. Brent Musburger and ESPN are taking some heat for the comments about her striking beauty but so far the beauty queen has handled the situation like a real champ. ESPN did apologize for Musburger’s comments but the comments seemed to be more complimentary than explicit or derogatory so the validity and reasoning of this apology will surely be called into question in the coming days.

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