Consider These Things Before Your Face Lift

Smiling woman enjoying in her healthy skin, middle aged lady touching her face

Face lifts are one of the most desirable procedures for patients who are looking to restore youth and beauty to their skin. A face lift can help boost your self-confidence, while gently pulling back and tightening your skin to diminish wrinkles and dimples.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to put your face through a bit of a remodeling process, especially if you are showing the unsavory signs of age and you wish to reverse them. But before investing in this successful procedure, you should take heed of these tips before you go under the knife. Our Epione team has put together a list of tips for you to follow so that you have a much better understanding of the procedure. We want you to be comfortable, happy, and confident about your choices to invest in a face lift in Los Angeles.

Consider Your Emotions

Some people invest in cosmetic surgery as an impulse buy after some form of emotional trauma or discomfort. Are you going through a divorce? Do you suffer from depression? If you are having trouble handling your emotional health, you might not want to invest in a face lift right now – wait until your head is clear and your motivations are confident.

Consider Your Confidence

You should already have a healthy level of self-confidence about yourself before you invest in a procedure. If you are having trouble looking at yourself in the mirror, one cosmetic procedure may not help to pull you out of that state. Make sure you are invested in other activities and behaviors that can help inspire your confidence and realize your inner beauty.

Try joining a gym or going for walks with your friends – this will help you gain the confidence you need, so that when you do invest in a face lift, you will be feeling happier than ever when you look in the mirror again.

Know the Risks

While a face lift is a safe procedure, and our staff at the office of Simon Ourian, M.D. are fully equipped and experienced to handle the face lift process, there are certain risks associated with the surgery. For example, some cosmetic surgery procedures could lead to an excessive amount of blood loss or anesthesia – that can be said for any type of surgery. Face lift procedures also have the chance of coming out asymmetrical, or not exactly how you desired. Understand that it can be impossible to determine what the final outcome will look like until it’s already completed.

Trust Your Surgeon

Trusting your surgeon is a crucial component in this process. You don’t want to invest in a procedure where you don’t fully trust or have confidence in the surgeon. You want to make sure that you learn about your surgeon’s credentials, experiences, and past surgeries. Ask to see before and after pictures so your surgeon has proof of the quality of work they performed. Ask about the associated risks and expectations of a face lift procedure. A good surgeon will be able to answer all of your questions in a reliable and trustworthy way.

That’s why our team at Epione is passionate about making each and every one of our patients comfortable. We have the utmost trust in our surgeon, and we want to make sure that our patients have the ability to decide for themselves whether or not they want to invest in a face lift procedure.

Facelift in Los Angeles

After considering the tips above, do you feel that you are ready to invest in a face lift in Los Angeles? This is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries available today, and it can result in a newer, healthier-looking face. Plus, it will boost your confidence and make you feel better about your personal, emotional, and financial choices. If you’re ready to take that next step in your lift, you can consult with our friendly staff by reaching out to us online or by giving us a call at (310) 651-6267. We look forward to helping you invest in your future today!