Collagen Filler

They are unbelievably gorgeous but they are not fairies. They are forever young but, of course, are not witches. Almost every one of us has the desire to be as beautiful and as stunning as Hollywood celebrities. Who doesn’t die for their perfect bodies, plump lips and wrinkle free prominent cheeks? How come they have everything so perfect? The answer of a lot of such questions is cosmetic treatment and surgery. This makes you think of plastic surgeries involving too many incisions, much cutting and bruising. However, science has come too far to go back to those methods. There are many non-invasive and quick methods available for everyone now.

Collagen filler is one of the most popular non-invasive cosmetic treatments. Collagen filler can enhance the shape of the lips and smooth down wrinkles and lines to give you a fuller and younger look. So, what is collagen and how it is effective? Collagen is roughly 80% of our skin, but with time our skin loses collagen, therefore resulting in wrinkles and lines. Think of it as glue for human body and skin. This glue keeps the skin tighter. Yet, as we lose collagen with age, we lose a lot of moisture, protein and elasticity from our skin.

Collagen fillers are the best way to put in use the benefits of collagen. Collagen fillers are injected directly in to the desired area. As it has the ability to plump up the area injected with it, it is used to bring fullness to lips or cheeks, or to fill in deep furrows. The results of Collagen filler are incredible and up to expectation. The effect, however, is not permanent. For some patients it can last for as less as 2 months and for some it can go up to 6 months. Still, the best thing about using collagen fillers instead of other surgeries and methods is that it is purely non-invasive and fast. In addition, the results of collagen fillers are immediately visible.

Collagen fillers are made of completely pasteurized and purified bovine proteins but some side effects may be possible. Some patients might feel a slight redness, stinging, burning or swelling in the area but these effects are temporary. Very rare cases of allergic reactions to collagen are also reported. These allergic reactions can be rashes, hives or flu like symptoms which can trigger autoimmune diseases. To avoid such complications, it is advisable to take a collagen test on your arm before applying collagen filler to your face. Before the final treatment, a patient must wait at least 3 weeks to fully determine any adverse effects of the test. We’d say, better late than sorry. If you develop an allergy due to a collagen filler test, then just drop the idea and try other alternative of collagen fillers such as Radiesse, Restylane, and Juvéderm.

Collagen filler treatments usually don’t require you to halt your daily activities. Normally people go back to their routine work immediately after the treatment. However, do consult you physician prior and after the treatment, especially if you are developing any reaction to the collagen filler. Your physician will advise you on the proper medications and precautions. And if you are lucky enough not to have any adverse reaction, the consider Collagen filler to be the best way for you to get your years back.