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Epione Helps Women Get Ready for Bikini Season without Hitting the Gym

LOS ANGELES, Calif. — For many women, spring ushers in the season of renewed commitment to diet and exercise in order to get ready for a summer filled with beach visits, poolside lounging, tropical vacations and weddings. However, there are a number of concerns that diet and exercise won’t remedy, including varicose veins, excessive body … […]

Spider Veins Fade from Memory with Asclera Injection Treatment

BEVERLY HILLS, CA, October 28, 2010 – Crawling under her skin, they multiply to create an unsightly purple web that lowers a woman’s hem quicker than the latest fashion trend, or drives her from the beach and swimsuit for the reassurance of shorts or jeans. But spider, or varicose veins, no longer need to be … […]

Broken Capillaries Face – An Easy and Effective Cure

“Hey why are you blushing?” Do you get asked that question a lot? Are you tired of people assuming that you’re blushing all the time when in reality you’re not? Want to get this problem fixed? Then a broken capillaries face procedure might be what you need. A broken capillaries face procedure can take care … […]

Spider vein removal

If you see a red or blue patch of veins on your face or anywhere else on your body, there are chances are that you are suffering from spider veins. Nobody knows how or why spider veins occur but it is common knowledge that the spider veins are a distinct spot on your beauty. Spider … […]

Types of Non-Invasive Body Procedures

Sometimes you don’t need to go through invasive procedures to improve your appearance. You can undergo one of these non-invasive procedures in order to change your appearance without cutting or surgery.

Enjoy Attractive Legs Again with Sclerotherapy

Beverly Hills, California, June 30, 2009 — Sclerotherapy can help treat unsightly spider and varicose veins improving the look and health of your legs. Summertime is when we wear cooler clothing in the form of light summer dresses, shorts, bathing suits and more. For women who love to show off their legs, summertime is a … […]

Sexy Spring Legs

If you have or are prone to varicose veins here are a few tips of prevention: Avoid standing in one place for a long period of time. Exercise regularly. Walking is good for the legs because it increases circulation. Raise your legs up 6 to 12 inches above your heart when you are lying down. … […]

Blue Light Therapy

Most people who are exposed to the sun, especially during the summer when it is beach weather, experience those ever-present dark circles on their face and/or arms and makeup just isn’t enough to hide them. Blue Light Therapy was developed by Dr. Simon Ourian for people who have sun spots, sun damage, freckles, broken capillaries, … […]

Bikini Madness

Rebuild the architecture of your body through diet, exercise, and a few secret weapons Whether it is shorts, skirts, or bathing suits, everyone wants to look their best summer body during the summer. Epione Medical Spa offers a new arsenal of weapons in the battle against sunspots, stretch marks, spider veins, and cellulite.