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The Newest Celebrity Stretch Mark Removal

March 5, 2010 Beverly Hills, CA — Dr. Simon Ourian, Medical Director of Epione Beverly Hills, California treats celebrities all the time. “I see a lot of models and actresses in my practice and stretch mark removal is one of their biggest concerns. And for more of them than you might imagine,” states Doctor Ourian.

Best Celebrity Stretch Mark Treatment?

Do celebrities suffer from stretch marks? “You better believe it!” says Beverly Hills cosmetic physician Doctor Simon Ourian. He considers that CoolBeam, the treatment he developed, is the most effective way to deal with stretch marks. May 04, 2009 — Dr. Simon Ourian, Medical Director of Epione Beverly Hills, located in the exclusive shopping, restaurant … […]

Stretch marks are a thing of the past with new non-invasive procedure

BEVERLY HILLS, CA, October 18, 2010 – Unsightly stretch marks no longer have to be something you just cover up, thanks to a groundbreaking procedure developed by Dr. Simon Ourian, medical director of Epione Medical in Beverly Hills. The procedure has already restored beautiful skin to scores of patients in what is a quick, relatively … […]

Boosting Laser Results with Topical Treatments

The February 2013 issue of Marie Claire magazine reports on the use of topical skin treatments to improve the results of cosmetic laser patients. Epione Beverly Hills’ Simon Ourian, M.D. explores and comments on this new development.

Finding the Best Medical Information Online

Pew Research Center survey released this week indicates that 59% of US adults searched for health information online in 2012. Simon Ourian, M.D. of Epione Beverly Hills reviews the report and the role of the internet for cosmetic patients.

Kim Kardashian’s Stretch Mark Treatment

A pregnant Kim Kardashian revealed the secret product she’s using to prevent pregnancy related stretch marks. Dr. Simon Ourian, Medical Director of Epione Beverly Hills, offers his stretch mark removal advice.

Stretch Mark Surgery

People often complain about stretch marks. Stretch marks are usually seen on areas like thighs, upper arms, buttocks and abdomen. They are mostly seen in women after their pregnancy. However, women alone are not affected. Other causes for stretch marks in men and women both are rapid weight loss or weight gain. Stretch mark surgery … […]

Types of Non-Invasive Body Procedures

Sometimes you don’t need to go through invasive procedures to improve your appearance. You can undergo one of these non-invasive procedures in order to change your appearance without cutting or surgery.

The return of perfect skin

In its optimum state, our skin shields us from the elements in the form of a living, seamless robe. But trauma, such as rapid stretching of the epidermis during growth or weight-gain, or increased blood volume within the delicate blood vessels just beneath the dermis, may cause this exquisite, living fabric to seem less than … […]

Stretch Marks: Understanding The Options You Have

The cause of stretch marks is not entirely understood, but generally stretch marks appear during periods of rapid growth, weight gain, or pregnancy which indicates that when areas of skin are put under increased pressure these stretch marks are a common result. Some people seem to be much more prone to stretch marks than others, … […]